Jade (Night of Thieves)
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Location Baltimore
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Ariska Type 99


American Mk.II Grenade

First Appearance Night of Thieves: First Hunt
Latest Appearance Night of Thieves: At Dawn's End

Jade is one of the main characters in the Night of Thieves series and is a close friend of Micheal. Jade is the younger sister of Wendy and decides to join along with her sister to stop Frank and his gang and save the city. Jade is also the youngest main character in the series as she is only 14.




Night of Thieves: First Hunt

Night of Thieves: At Dawn's End

General Information

Physical Appearance

Personality and Traits


  • Jade can use her Ariska Type 99 which takes not that many shots to defeat an enemy.
  • Jade can also use her Welrod Pistol which takes more shots to defeat an enemy more than the Ariska Type 99.
  • Jade can use her American Mk.II Hand Grenades which explode, 4-5 seconds when thrown.