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Jackson is the main character of the Wild World Series. Jacson is a jackrabbit that fights along with Felicia, Ethan and others against King Tusk, an elephant.

Game Appearances

Special Abilities

  • Electric Ray - When Jackson eats the Fire Pepper, he gains the ability to shoot lightning through his eyes
  • Flamethrower - When Jackson eats the Lightning Sausage, he gains the ability to fire through his mouth. Just Like Fire Mario except with his mouth.
  • - When Jackson eats the Rock Candy. He can ram onto opponents with rock hard skin.
  • Ice Breath - When Jackson eats the Ice Lemon, He gains the ability to breathe ice from his mouth.
  • Flight - When Jackson obtains the Eagle Wing item, Jackson gains wings,


  • When Jackson is in flight form, he looks similar to the Wolpertinger, a cryptid from Texas. Funnily enough, the second to last boss in the first game was Jackson's evil clone that King Tusk created, which was a Wolpertinger!
  • In the second game, it is revealed that Jackson had a brother that stumbled upon an antelope with a Gene Splicer, his brother then pressed the On switch and the two were fused together to create the final boss, Jackalope.

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