Full Name Jackels
Gender Male
Species Fabric Sprite
Location Fabrica
Class Ally
Height 3 centimeters
Jackels is a Friend Gremlin, and he's all about exploding stuff. He has a button named Orange, and drops dynamite from the air on a regular basis. Sometimes he sees Proffeser Cuddly firing up his rocket, which really inspires him. He then goes to an empty room and lays down a bomb. Once it explodes, he's riding away on Orange, barely missing the explosion. Finally, he reaches the safety of another room and closes the door. Due to stunts like these, they proved him to also be a Dare Gremlin. He is the only one who falls for Spool's back. He's very cute, but very strong... he is very like a dynamite stick, but a gremlin. As he goes on he shall go through many journies with his friends and his button Orange.

This character is being reworked as part of a Button reboot. Previous content has been placed in a dropdown box to aid in future reworking of this character. As Jackels is not particularly essential to Button lore, this character may be written out of the reboot.

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