Jack Voorhees
Jack 3
Full Name Jack Voorhees
Current Age 23 (In appearance)

4 (years spent in Madnesscrazy's mind) 1 (years spent in the real world)

Date of Birth 20/10/2009
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Madnesscrazy's Imagination (Formerly)

Glen (Current)

Class Hero, Gamer
Jack Voorhees is a Human who appears as a co-op character in Madnesscrazy's Adventure 2.


Personality and Appearance


Original Design

His body structure was like Madnesscrazy's (floating limbs etc.) He has black hair and (like his father) a hockey mask that covers his face, however unlike his father, he does not suffer from hydrocephaly and in every way looks like a normal human. His mask is special as it is capible of displaying any eye lid and eyebrow movement caused by his emotions. His eyes aren't seen behind the mask, but he has brown eyes as well often displayed as black. He wears a blue hoodie (originally grey); underneath the hood he has a red shirt with a white flame pattern.




Jack shares many abilities with his father. These include:

  • Being virtually indestructible.
  • Super Strength.
  • His heart Shape-shifts into a snake.

He does however have extra abilities. These are:

  • Complete regeneration.
  • Impervious to bullets and lightning.
  • Cannot drown

Game Appearances

As Main Character





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