Jack Thugs is the fourth boss in Skip and Sqak TV Game. He is an outlaw hired by Rexus to destroy Crimeful City with a Giant Robot called the Iron Fist.


Jack Thugs is a short criminal mastermind who comes up with great crimes. Rexes soon came to Crimeful City to hire him to destroy it by using the Iron Fist robot. Jack happily excepts his offer as he climbs inside the robot, and begins destroying buildings.

The SSFF arrived in Crimeful City to stop Jack and his Iron Fist. As Jack is destroying buildings, he gets interrupted by another robot the Gang are using to defeat the Iron Fist. The team's robot is winning the fight, but the Iron Fist climbs up to the top of the tallest building in Crimeful City, with the SSFF Robot on his tail.

On top of the highest building, the Iron Fist and SSFF Robot have another dual. The SSFF Robot defeat Jack as the Iron Fist falls off the building and, due to the impact, explodes, destroying the Iron Fist and killing Jack Thugs. This ended Jack's crimes in Crimeful City.

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