Jack Rabbit
Art by Bean
Current Age 19
Gender Male
Species Jackalope
Location Homelea on Sif
Main Weapon(s) Sickle
First Appearance JACK
Jack Rabbit is the main protaganist of JACK, a male Jackalope from the planet of Sif. After a scale of the great dragon Kyggzo falls into the nearby woods, he decides to head out on an adventure to find it and the other scales, starting his quest to save the universe. Afterwards he goes on many other journeys, both in his universe and outside of it.

Jack is also one of the mascots of Studio Lillie and their games.



Jack is very focused on his goals. He is always concentrating on saving the universe and getting back home, proving himself in the process. Although he will stop to do other things, helping people and having a little fun, he will never stray too far away from the main task at hand. This seems a little annoying to those around him, but they grow to appreciate the things he does; after all, without the him, the universe would be doomed to destruction. As his adventure goes on he grows to be less lean, but his concentration must still be strong in order to tackle the ever increasing challenge at hand.

Despite his task-oriented mindset, Jack is still sometimes unsure of whether or not he can accomplish the goals he has set out for him. He doubts himself often and sometimes tries to change his plans, believing that they won't work right, even when there is no evidence to this end. His second guessing of himself sometimes leads to trouble when he won't commit to going on with his plans when he is worried they won't go through correctly. His allies often have to persuade him that the plans will work and that he can do it.

Jacks personality changes depending on who he is talking too, as most do. When conversing with Olivia, he is less serious and makes a lot of jokes, although he still concentrates on his goals. He sometimes even has to help Olivia concentrate on the goals, since they are not always so focused, and sometimes are more worried about other issues. When Jack is with Chelsi, however, he is very serious, as he is worried about embarrasing himself in front of the royalty. As she shows her less serious side, however, he begins to loosen up in her company.



One of Jack's bracelets.

Jack is a standard anthromorphic bunny with a few defining features. He has large, long floppy ears, slightly bigger than normal, but they generally do not bring any attention to themselves. The far bigger feature on his head are the two antlers on his head, meaning that he is really a Jackalope. The two antlers are brown and in the shape of a sickle, and can detached to be used for fighting. He usually wears two gloves on both hands, with some bracelets on his arm (once he has acquired them in the game, that is). Jack also often dons a saggy blue pair of pants. He has two large, blue eyes and a small nose. There is also a tuft of hair on his head that doesn't like to stay down.

Throughout his journys he dons many other disguises to remain unnoticed by the enemies. These include pirate gear, a robotic suit, and a knight suit, among others. He can also equip some other clothing to boost his abilities; the most often seen one is a long purple wizard robe with a spiral hat, similar to those normally seen on wizards in fiction. 


Jack grew up in the small countryside town in Sif named X. He was always constantly ridiculed for his long antlers and odd behavior near certain high energy areas, such as the firepit or coal mines. Despite being made fun of consistently, he works hard as a farmhand for the village, until one day mysterious monsters begin to appear around his village. Young girls are taken at random by the creatures, and the whole village goes into a frenzy. The trained soldiers of the town begin training the boys to fight, and Jack is enlisted to be trained. He begins training and is exceptional at it, much to everyones surprise. He also is found to be a "Mana Tech", able to use magic, but is inexperienced with it at first.

One day, a giant wave of monsters floods the village. Only one boy appears to protect it alongside the soldiers: Jack. After vanquishing all of the creatures, they ask him to go and find the source of evil, and they believe that it is somewhere in the woods. Jack agrees to it and heads off, but not before his mother gifts to him a small golden bracelet with an empty spot in it for a crystal. His mother orders him to protect it with his life, and tell hims that it will become very important to him soon.



Jack Rabbit appears in the game JACK as the main playable character. This is his first playable appearance, and all appearences afterwards are usually based around this game. It details the first parts of his adventure, traveling through the universe with Olivia and Chelsi and saving it from destruction.


Unlike most main characters, Jack does not have lots of special gifts. His ownly exclusive ability by birth is his two antlers that can be used as sickles to fight physically or magically. Other than this he is not special and can't do anything a regular bunny or human couldn't do. Because of this he remains humble even after mastering magic. He mainly fights using sickles, utilizing various fighting moves. His special move is throwing the two sickles or scythe like a boomerang of sorts into the enemy from a far off range. This does more damage to flying enemies than a normal attack, but leaves him vulnerable until his weapons return to him. It resembles the Zora Link's Boomerang in Majora's Mask.

Over time, Jack gains mastery of controlling and using Mana in and outside of battle. He can use all of the avaliable cards in the game, just like the other characters, and he has a pretty good magic stat. He also can call upon Familiars from the bracelets he discovers throughout the game; it is implyed that only he can do this, although no other character attempts so it is unknown of this ability is restricted to him. These familiars can help him in battle or in the overworld. Jack himself can perform many special actions in the overworld, like double jumping, hovering, and getting into small gaps, thanks to either magic or his small stature. He also leads the party in the overworld.



The Bronze Sickle

At the start of his adventures, Jack uses only his antlers to attack. They function as normal sickles, doing a small amount of damage. However, as the game goes on and enemies get stronger, he begins to use more powerful sickles that he finds or purchases. While his antlers stay in his head, his other sickles stay on his belt buckle where he can easily retrieve them. Each sickle affects his physical and magical attacks, but not his defense or luck. Additionally, while the sickles affect his magic, they generally do not change it as much as his clothing and accessories do. In any games outside of JACK, he is usually shown utilizing only his antlers, as they are more recognizable as a weapon than the others.

In addition to Sickles, Jack also weilds Scythes. These weapons are not as prevalent, especially in press materials, but they still play a major roll in the game if the player decides to use them. Whereas Jack can wield two Sickles at once, usually getting multiple hits in easily, he can only hold on Scythe. Additionally, their swings are slower and wider, and their magical capabilities are not as profound as the Sickle's. However, they have very high physical attack and often have special effects attached to them. Many of them are based off of the Grim Reaper's Scythes, in contrast to the typically innocent nature of Jack. Additionally, unlike most games with dual handed weapons, Jack can still shield while using a Scythe.

Listed below are all of the Sickle and Scythe weapons avaliable in JACK that can be requiped by Jack, listed with their stats and location.

Weapon Atk Mag Luck
Antler Sickle 1 7 2
Bronze Sickle 3 2 1
Wood Sickle 2 5 2
Red Sickle 4 3 1
Sugar Sickle 3 6 2
Dark Scythe 6 3 4
Dragon Sickle 4 6 5
Limestone Sickle 5 4 2
Gypsum Sickle 4 7 3
Manganese Scythe 8 4 7
Charged Sickle 7 8 4
Burning Sickle 7 8 4
Boll Weevil Scythe 11 5 8
Chilled Sickle 7 8 4
Gear Sickle 10 9 4
Diode Sickle 8 12 5
Mecch Scythe 12 7 9
Overarch Sickle 12 11 7
Underswing Sickle 10 14 8
Pure Scythe 15 8 11
Special Weapons
Sickle of the Knight's Guard 5 7 3
Scythe of Reaping 10 3 6
Sky Realm's Sickle 13 13 8
Underealm's Scythe 16 11 12
Gold Scythe 18 14 17
The Blue Sword N/A


Mama, they called me to go on a journey
Jack Rabbit


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