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North American boxart
Developer(s) GhoulGIsmallified
Publisher(s) FantendologoShrb
Platform(s) Nintendo IC LogoSP1DR
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
Q3/Q4 2012
Single Player
Media Included Nintendo IC Cartridge
SP1DR Optical Disc

Jack Johnson: Tulipalo Legends (known as ジャックジョンソン:火鬼 and Jack Johnson: Dragon Flames in Japan and PAL regions, respectively) is the sequel to the game Jack: The Book of Pandora and is created by Ghoul Games, Inc. (due to Series Swap Day 3). The game was released in a Double-Pack that included Team Gemstones: Domhanda Domination.


Jack Johnson was taking a very deep sleep, after defeating Buzz Nizz, and saving Fun World, he was very tired. However, in the middle of the night, he awoke to tapping on his bedroom window, and looking through it, he saw his friends Teddy Bear and Suzy Sweetheart outside. Curious, Jack hopped out of bed, got dressed and ran outside. Teddy told him about a magical dragon that has been wreaking havoc on Fun World, and that it was protecting a magical orb. They rushed down an open manhole and landed in Fun World, now with lots of damage.


The gameplay of the game is similar to that of the Lego video game series, where you can switch characters by pressing a button, and certain characters can do certain things. The game also takes place in a free-roam environment, meaning that you can do anything, as long as you complete the level.

Playable Characters

Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson is the main hero of the game, and playable in every level. Jack Johnson is agile and can double jump.
Suzy Sweetheart
Suzy Sweetheart is the secondary-main hero of the game, and is playable in every level. Suzy Sweetheart is able to backflip and can open up special doors by "Heart Panels".
Teddy Bear
Teddy is another main hero and is playable in all levels, except boss battles. He is able to unlock chests by using special Ribbons.
Buzz Nizz
Buzz Nizz is Jack's neighbour, and once an evil-doer. He came down to Fun World when he got curious about seeing Jack go down the manhole, and later meets up with him. He is playable in some levels and can use a special gadget to pick locks.
Wein Stock
Wein Stock is a monkey from Moonkoo Heights. His village was destroyed by the heroes, and teams up with the heroes to defeat the dragon. He is only playable in "Chase Levels" and can swing on vines.
Dulcis Swipt
Dulcis Swipt is a character from Kyandi Mountain, who claims to be a sugarplum Ip. She is a sweet (get it?) character who is able to be thrown like a ball to damage people. She is playable in many levels.

Supporting Characters


Beta Elements


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