Jack Frost (Skip and Sqak XD)
Jack Frost (SSXD)
The world's most angry snow cone
Full Name Jack Frost
Gender Male
Species Snow Demon
Current Status Deceased (melts in the campfire)
Class Antagonist
Main Weapon(s) His icicle claws
Ability/ies Freezing people, blowing ice on the ground, shooting icicles from his fingers
Vulnerable To Fire
Voice Actor(s)
Samuel Vincent
First Appearance Cold Crimes
Latest Appearance Cold Crimes
Jack Frost is a minor character in Skip and Sqak XD who only appeared in the episode Cold Crimes as the Main Antagonist. He is the one responsible for freezing Planet Forestria because he wanted to get rid of the planet's warm weather that paralyzed him for 10 years. His paralyzed body was used for holding an ice cream sign by Koo Koo Klux.

He then fights SSFF, Stingo, Bruter, Ravi and Kyra but they managed to overpower him. Jack then chases Imp to the top of a tree until he kicks the frosty creature into the campfire, where he completely melts and dies.


  • Jack Frost's voice actor, Samuel Vincent, also provided the same voice for Betrayus in Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures.
  • JackFrost's quote "The world's most angry snow cone" is a parody of the infamous quote of the horror movie of the same name.