Jack Elemental
Developer(s) UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher(s) TanookiFantendoLogo
Platform(s) Wii U


Release Date(s)
August 1, 2012(JP)

January 1, 2013 (NA) January 3, 2013 (EU & AU)

Story (Both Single and Multiplayer)
Age Rating(s)
E10+ (Cartoon Violence and Mild Language)
Genre(s) Action and Adventure

Fighting RPG

Media Included Wii U Disc

Megamer MiniDisc

Jack Elemental is a game following the adventures of Jack Elemental, as he is split into six entities by the evil wizard, Dragoroth. You do not find out his reason for doing so until the end of the game, so the reason is still unknown. The game will feature areas based on recognizable areas based on each element. Each element gets two areas, then there are the training, final, and special areas, making a total of 15 levels.


Jack Elemental is walking in a forest, minding his own business, when a dark cloud forms in the sky. A magical barrier descends around Jack, preventing him from escaping, and he looks around. Looking up, he gets an angry expression, and the screen swings around to reveal Dragoroth, the evil wizard, descending before him. He floats down with his arms outstretched, and his purple robe appearing as a pair of wings. His rod of power appears in his hand, and he swings it, chanting a phrase in an unknown language. The sphere atop the rod glows, and six colored beams of light escape from the rod, all striking Jack in the chest. A bright white flash covers the screen, as Jack falls over from the impact. The screen goes black, and a saving icon appears before continuing.

The screen appears as if you're looking through an eye, and it flickers into view, blinking a few times. He looks around, and sees himself five times, but each one is not wearing the black shirt he had at first. The rays of sunshine radiating through the treetops make it seem as if nothing happens, but the six Jacks realize why the day wasn't so good. They each stumble about, trying to balance, and accidentally using their newfound powers.

After some time, the Jacks learn the basics their powers, and they look deeper into the forest, where dark shadows linger, and sharp eyes look around for prey. They look at each other, nod, and dash into the Forest, the training area of the game.



In the Overworld, you control up to six Jacks, depending on the players. You can roam freely, and enemy representatives will wander around and target you. Touch them, and you will enter battle. Get a first strike by attacking them in the Overworld. Each Player can only use one Jack at a time, so think about the obstacles.


There are two possible locations in the game: in the Overworld, or in Battle. When an enemy is seen in the Overworld, touching it will activate a battle. any number of enemies, up to six, may appear in one battle. In battle, each character takes turns battling. The battle order is determined by the speed stat of the characters. Each character only gets one turn before the cycle restarts, but occasionally, certain moves will change that. Each Jack has his own resistence and weakness, just as each enemy type does too. In battle, you control all of the Jack's attacks.



Wii U

  • Left Analog Stick: Move/Select
  • Right Analog Stick: Angle Camera/Scroll through text
  • - Button: Opens the Jack-Selecter
  • D-Pad (Not in Jack-Selector): Move/Select
  • D-Pad (In Jack-Selector): Choose which Jack you play as
  • A Button: Talk/Jump
  • B Button: Cancel/Close
  • X Button: Use Overworld Attack 1
  • Y Button: Use Overworld Attack 2
  • + Button: Open the Menu


  • Left Analog Stick: Move/Select
  • Right Analog Stick: Angle Camera
  • Select: Opens the Jack-Selecter
  • D-Pad (Not in Jack-Selector): Move/Select
  • D-Pad (In Jack-Selector): Choose which Jack you play as
  • 1 Button: Talk/Jump
  • 2 Button: Cancel/Close
  • 3 Button: Use Overworld Attack 1
  • 4 Button: Use Overworld Attack 2
  • Start: Open the Menu


Wii U

  • Left Analog Stick: Select
  • Right Analog Stick: Select
  • D-Pad: Select
  • A Button: Choose
  • B Button: Cancel/Close
  • X Button: Used for combos
  • Y Button: Used for combos
  • + Button: Open the Menu
  • - Button: N/A


  • Left Analog Stick: Select
  • Right Analog Stick: Select
  • D-Pad: Select
  • 1 Button: Choose
  • 2 Button: Cancel/Close
  • 3 Button: Used for combos
  • 4 Button: Used for combos
  • Start: Open the Menu
  • Select: N/A


Heroes and Allies

Name Picture Description
Jack 'Elemental' Fresha

Jack Normal

Jack 'Elemental' Fresha is the star of the game, and the main protagonist. He is split into six entities, each with their own elemental powers, by Dagoroth, the evil wizard.


Name Description Levels


Name Picture Description Level Fought
Leafzilla Leafzilla is the boss fought at the end of the forest. He is a giant plant with three Venus Fly-Trap mouths on his sides and top. He can spit out an acidic fluid, slap you with vines, and bite you. 1-7
Gatordile 2-7
Winzar 3-7
King Ghobling 4-7
Lavaquake 5-7
Freezor 6-7
Thundro 7-7
Magnelico 8-7
Gustro 9-7
Shakro 10-7
Iciclo 11-7
Giro 12-7
Flaro 13-7

Dragoroth is the evil wizard who splits Jack into six entities, not noticing the power that they have gained from this.

Dragoroth Memory After defeating Dragoroth, his Rod of Power shattered, forming the Special Zone, Unameia. Dragoroth Memory is a harder version of Dragoroth, formed from his memories. 15-7


Forest (Area 1)

The Forest is the first area in the game. It is basically the training site for each of the Jacks' abilities.

Name Description
1: The Clearing This is the area in which Fire Jack learns about his abilities.
2: The Jungle This is the area in which Ice Jack learns about his abilities.
3: The Lake This is the area in which Water Jack learns about his abilities.
4: The Cliff This is the area in which Air Jack learns about his abilities.
5: The Undergorund This is the area in which Earth Jack learns about his abilities.
6: The Great Tree This is the area in which Electric Jack learns his abilities.
7: The Opening This huge clearing is located at the top of a hill; it's where you fight Leafzilla

Lake (Area 2)

The Lake is the second area in the game, encompassing many of Water Jack's abilities. It has many enemies that do good damage against Electric Jack. Deep underwater, you fight Gatordile.

Mountains (Area 3)

The Mountains are an area of land encompassing many of Air Jack's abilities. Many of the enemies here do good damage to Earth Jack. Up at the apex, you fight Wingzar!

Cave (Area 4)

This deep, dank cave encompasses the many abilities of Earth Jack. The enemies here do good damage to Air Jack, and King Gohbling awaits you in the Ghost Shaft...

Volcano (Area 5)

This hot, steamly location trains Fire Jack well. The enemies here are best to be avoided when using Ice Jack. At the heart of the volcano, Lavaquake challenges you!

Valley (Area 6)

This cold, windy valley is a great spot for Ice Jack! Fire Jack must beware, though, for Freezor awaits those willing to challenge him.

Storm (Area 7)

The storm is very powerful, testing Electric Jack to his fullest! Water Jack must beware the enemies here. At the eye of the Storm, you come across Thundro, the evil God of Thunder!

Power Plant (Area 8)

Keep Water Jack safe, and use Electric Jack's abilities to really conquer this place! Megnelico is the one running this mad powerhouse!

Windy Sky (Area 9)

Flying through the sky without a worry in mind can only be performed by Air Jack! Many harsh enemies await to take down Earth Jack, including the God of Wind, Gustro

Rip Current (Area 10)

Pulled out to sea, you find yourself forced to fight off terrors of the deep as Water Jack, and keep Electric Jack safe at the same time! Beware the God of Water, Shakro

Frozen Pit (Area 11)

The first area to actually lead you somewhere useful takes you deep underground! Despite this, only Ice Jack can truly shine here, and Fire Jack must beware. Rumors of the God of Ice, Iciclo, speak of his deadly wrath...

Massive Tunnel (Area 12)

Even deeper undergound this Tunnel goes! Earth Jack succeeds, but Air Jack fails. Beware the God of Earth, Giro!

Outer Core (Area 13)

A bright light flashes befoer your eyes, and only Fire Jack can pull good weight around these parts! Beward the flaming pits that can kill almost anyone! Most of all, fear the God of Fire, Flaro!

Inner Core (Area 14)

Name Description
1: The Barricade The Barricade is an illusion created by Dragoroth! Fight off the enemies!
2: The Origin This is it! The final battle has begun! Beware Dragoroth's many attacks!

Unameia (Area S)

Unameia is a special zone unlocked after defeating Dragoroth! It is a distorted world created by the lost power of Dragoroth's Rod of Power, and it is the final test for all Jacks!

Name Description
1: Fiery Pit The ultimate test awaits Fire Jack!
2: Frozen Pit The ultimate test awaits Ice Jack!
3: Trench Pit The ultimate test awaits Water Jack!
4: Power Pit The ultimate test awaits Electric Jack!
5: Spacious Pit The ultimate test awaits Air Jack!
6: Plain Pit The ultimate test awaits Earth Jack!
7: The Pit The true final boss is here! Fight off the fragment of Dragoroth's memory!



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