Jack Dimensional
The Game
Developer(s) UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher(s) TanookiFantendoLogo
Platform(s) Megamer
Release Date(s)
NA 2013

JP 2013

Single player
Age Rating(s)
Rating Pending
Genre(s) Action & Adventure


Media Included Megamer MiniDisc
This is the second game in the Jack Elemental Series. Jack is split into two entities: himself and Jeld, when Dragoroth forces him to enter a wormhole. Upon entering the wormhole, they enter the Dimensional Vector, a world created by Dr. Vector. They also meet Professor Uranium.


Dragoroth makes a return, and forces Jack through a mysterious wormhole. Upon doing so, Jack is split into himself and Jeld, cutting his power in half. The twosome meet Doctor Uranium, who is fascinated with their split, and decides to help them by opening a shop and explaining that they are in the Dimensional Vector, a strange world that connects multiple, simulated environments in the form of planets.


The gameplay is very similar to the first game, but Jack is only split into two entities, so it is easier to level. However, enemies get harder a faster pace, too. The second 'Jack' will be his own character, and his name is rumored to be Jeld. He and Jack will have more abilities than the six 'Jacks' did in the first game, to allow for more personal style.



  • Left Analog Stick- Move the Player
  • Right Analog Stick- Angle Camera
  • 1 Button- Talk/Jump
  • 2 Button- Cancel/Punch
  • 3 Button- Ability 1
  • 4 Button- Ability 2
  • Either Bumper- Quickly shift in that direction
  • Start Button- Opens the Menu
  • Select Button- Opens the Skills Menu


  • Left Analog Stick- Select
  • Right Analog Stick- Angle Camera
  • 1 Button- Choose the selected item/attack
  • 2 Button- Cancel
  • 3 Button- N/A
  • 4 Button- N/A
  • Either Bumper- Quickly rotate camera
  • Start Button- Pauses the Battle
  • Select Button- Opens the Skills Menu



Name Picture Description
Jack 'Elemental' Fresha
Jack Normal
Jack is the main character of this game. He is somehow forced through a wormhole, splitting him into himself and Jeld.
Jeld Jeld is the second form of Jack. Almost nothing is known about him, except that his attacks involve a lot of warping.


Name Picture Description
Professor Uranium Uranium is the scientist who is fascinated with the split between jack and Jeld. He is the brother of Doctor Vector, and opens a shop.
Doctor Vector Vector is the scientist who created the Dimensional Vector. It is stolen by Dragoroth, so he gets very angry.


Name Picture Description Attacks


Name Picture Description Level_Fought
Dragoroth TBA Dragoroth is the evil wizard who attempted to drain Jack of his energy in the first game. In this game, he forces Jack through a wormhole that splits him into two people, Jack and Jeld. He is the final boss of the game. TBA

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