Jack Cayman
Time to get to work.
Jack Cayman

Jack Cayman is the main protagonist of SEGA's MadWorld and Anarchy Reigns series. He is a master when it comes to murder and that's because of his double-ended chainsaw.


Jack Cayman is an ex-military special forces, and an expert in all forms of combat, along with being an infamous Chaser. The Chaser Guild is a private organization that ordinary police would not be able to handle, such as Kidnappings, disappearances, and fugitive apprehension.

Jack Cayman's body has been retrofitted with 75% of cybernetic parts, right arm, eyes, and skeleton included. Combined with his already superhuman strength and a brutal double-sided chainsaw mounted directly on his right arm. His fighting skills are unmatched.

Once being one of the heaviest chain smokers, Jack took a request from his daughter to quit smoking.



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