Jack Kilmister
Full Name Jack Kilmister
Current Age 57
Gender Male
Species Human
Align Good...?
Current Status Alive, just barely
Vulnerable To Alcohol poisoning

Jack Kilmister is one of the new major characters featured in Zaxinian Flashback, serving as an ally to Silver Zin as well as the rest of the Silver Zeroes. He was once a well-known hero that had helped quickly solve mysteries on the planet of Hisplit and avert many crises from happening in that location. He was also notably one of the few people to stump the super villain Black Eyes. After he broke his back in a vain effort to save his newborn daughter Devina from the clutches of that villain, however, he retired just in his early 30s and chose to work in a liquor company, very soon becoming obsessed with drinking and quickly disappearing from the public eye at the age of 38. For his next nineteen years, he had been struggling with an addiction that wouldn't leave him: an illusion of a lady made purely from alcohol.

Amber is a metaphor for his addiction and it's what he can see that others cannot see of him. He and Amber had been living together against his own will, with him having fought for control for years but unable to resist the liquor she produces for him and all the good she's given to him, despite the fact that she's slowly killing him with all the liquor she's giving him daily. With all his technology destroyed by Amber and the fact that he's been believed to be dead outside of his deep forest home, he was unable to get any help and as such he put up with a slow, painful relationship that doesn't seem to be leaving him anytime soon. In Flashback, he sells liquor to the heroes as ammo to use against enemies and also some safer drinks that they can have to heal themselves.

He is the father of Devina Kilmister. Despite making only an appearance in Flashback, a non-canon game, he is canon to the Zaxinian Lifts as a whole.


Jack can be best described as insane and way out of touch with the rest of the world, seeing everyone as very exaggerated illusions and mishearing everything they say. Blinded by his beloved sweet Amber, he tends to behave in strange, confusing ways that alienate him from everyone else. If one doesn't say something in a clear, clean tone to him, he has the potency to mishear it and take it as something negative, to which he will take fury at and strike whoever was talking to him and perhaps others as he's not a careful fighter anymore. His drunkness can even be noticed when he's just moving around; he tends to shake and get trippy quite often. A lot of the time he doesn't make sense with what he says either, not just vocally but also in his writing. What he says tends to come across as fragmented and off-putting, but a lot of the stuff he writes is downright strange even if fully readable.

He tends to talk to objects he has in his home and refers to them by actual names that would be used on people. For example, he often talks to his teapot and has named her "Cider". He tends to vent a lot when he's not concentrating in communicating with others and usually grabs objects in frantic ways in hopes of talking to them. When he's particularly shaken, he can break that object and then spend days weeping that he "murdered someone" before taking a sip of Amber to relax. He can get downright twisted and reveal a lot of his secrets with objects, and usually says them out loud so that anyone else standing near his home could hear him. Despite his insanity, he's usually a nice person to talk to if one speaks clearly to him. He can be coherent when focused on an individual as well. During the times where he is very temporarily sober, he can be a very wise person and get a grasp on the real world.

Relationships with Other Characters


While not an actual person, it's what Jack's eyes can see when he's drunk, seeing this extraordinarily wonderful woman made from the liquor he loves so much. He both loves and hates her, admiring the taste of the liquor while also disgusted with everything she's doing to him, even though he is actually hurting himself.


He couldn't be any more proud of his daughter for surviving the great ordeal she's had to go through without her parents, but barely remembers her now as the alcohol had also managed to consume his memories. When drunk, all he can remember of her is that he held a child while running away from Black Eyes.

Black Eyes

Absolutely disgusted with him and -- when sober -- singles him out as the reason why his life is total garbage, owing it to his trickery and god-like abilities. The hate to Black Eyes is reflected back onto Jack, with the god still wishing to have revenge on Jack for everything he's managed to get away with.


  • Black Eyes' rough times trying to deal with Jack have caused him to have a hateful relationship with him, eventually going out of his way to try and kill his baby Devina at a young age. After he indirectly broke Jack's back, he spent a long time searching for Devina to plot an accurate revenge plan, eventually leading into the events of When Hell Freezes Over.

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