No princess nonsense, Screach. It's time to face JACK!

Jack (Glitch)
Jack's character selection card
Full Name Jack
Location Unknown
Class Hero
Family and Relations

Jack is a 10-11 year old boy who plays video games with his sister. He is also the main character of Glitch. He was originally a normal boy, but when he went into a game, he was electrocuted and turned into a character of the game.


Jack! You are you, don't you know yourself? Your favorite color is blue, your favorite animals are crabs... You can jump, walk, get powers... SERIOUSLY? YOU DON'T KNOW?

You bought me! THAT'S how I'm here! I didn't have a code in this game, just like you, Jack... But I got electrocuted by YOUR code! Better find another code before you fall to your death! TOO LATE!

Game Appearances


Jack is the main character in the game, and the only default character. He is wearing blue glasses, a blue shirt, and black pants in this game.

Glitch 2: The X Files

Jack is the protagonist in this game as its preceeder. Instead of wearing blue glasses, his glasses are black instead.

Glitch 3: Perfect Timing

Once again as the main character, Jack now sports red pants and his original blue glasses.


Fantendo Grand Prix
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Scarlet Pensar · Bob the Blob · White · Rubber · Flip

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