JSFC, standing for "Jayden's Super Fun Console" is a videogaming console developed by Scrible Studios and the company is spelled with one b.

Developer(s) Scrible Inc.
Console Type Non-portable
Subtype(s) JSFC portable
Release Date(s)
Turn-able Camera, Motion Controller, 3D games.

3D gameplay

One of it's biggest features is the Third Demensional Gameplay. However, only one game currently is 3D. Due to the low amount of 3D games, it's being requested that the menu screen will be 3D. Scrible Inc., the main people of Scrible Studios, are making a way that you have the menu 3D, but it is currently unknown.


There is very little games right now.

3D Games

  1. Yume Nikk3D

Normal Games

  1. Jaydenworld (game)
  2. .Flow 2


Due to having such a small amount of games at the current date, it doesn't have nearly as much buyers as other consoles. only a little more then three thousand people have bought one.

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