This is a blog providing information as the game is being built and producing. You may respond to these on the talk page.

Latest Entry

The game has been going good. I think I need to change the first level's music as it's kind of over used :\. The trees are bad so far, I still need to edit their d3d to be more...treeish, that, or I'll use some engine to make it. Bushes sound pretty good, don't you think? I am waiting for Girrrtacos of the MarioWiki for a melon that Jim can eat, but his SSBB rips all ready provide me some other fruit. Level 2 needs improvement currently. And the boss sucks. I cannot even find him, maybe he goes too fast.

I have to wait for my graphics card to reboot up because 3D mode is failing right now. So it's on a small hiatus. Cya til then!

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