J88 or Journey88
Developer(s) SeventhHeaven
Publisher(s) SeventhHeaven
Platform(s) 7Si, 3DS
Release Date(s)
Flag of EuropeEurope: 3rd July 2017

Japan FlagJapan: 4th July 2017

US FlagUSA/Canada: 4th July 2017

Korea FlagSouth Korea: 4th July 2017

China FlagChina: 5th July 2017

SingaporeSingapore:5th July 2017

Australia FlagAustralia: 6th July 2017

Hong Kong FlagHong Kong: 6th July 2017

Macau Macau: 6th July 2017


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Age Rating(s)
Pegi 7ESRB 10 80px-CERO B.svg
Genre(s) Exploration
Series J88
Storage Needed 1Block
Cost Flag of EuropeEurope: 28€, £33

Japan FlagJapan: 19000¥

US FlagUnited States: 48$

Korea FlagSouth Korea: 19900₩

China FlagChina: 29¥

SingaporeSingapore: $39.99

Australia FlagAustralia: $46.99

Hong Kong FlagHong Kong: $39.99

MacauMacao: 30$

J88 (エクスプローラ88; Ekusupurōra88 or E88) is an adventure-simulation game created by SeventhHeaven.

Regional Names

  • Korea Flag South Korea: 탐색기88 (Tamsaeggi88 or T88)
  • China Flag China: 旅88 (Lu88)
  • Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong: 旅89 (Lu89)
  • Macau Macau: 旅89 (Lu86)
  • Spain Flag Spain: E88 (Explorador88)
  • France France: J88 (Journey88)
  • Italy Italy: V88 (Viaggio88)
  • PortugueseFlag Portugal: J88 (Jornada88)
  • GermanFlag Germany: J88 (Journey88)
  • New Zealand New Zealand: E88 (Explorer88)

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