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Izuka (イズカ, Izuka in the Japanese version) was the advisor of Pelleas, as he led Daein to independence. He was one of the major antagonists of the game, manipulating Pelleas to think he is Ashnard's son, and to sign a blood pact with Lekain. He also created the elixir that turns laguz in to Feral Ones. He tried to feed the elixir to Muarim, who was saved by Rafiel shortly before he couldn't control his mind anymore. After this incident, Tormod refuses to see face-to-face with Izuka again. Izuka wields the most powerful dark tome in the game; Balberith. He is the boss of Chapter 5 in Part IV of Radiant Dawn. He drops Balberith when defeated, but he can summon four enemy laguz per turn and uses the Rewarp staff to avoid enemy units making defeating him difficult.

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