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Ivy (Darth Phazon)
Full Name Ivy
Current Age Late teens-early adult
Gender Female
Species Portal Master
Class Skylander
Main Weapon(s) Traptanium Vinewhips
Element(s) LifeElement Life
Voice Actor(s)
Tara Strong
Let's sow the seeds!

Ivy is the Elite Portal Master of the Life element; her common traits are her overly-flirty and seductive nature and her adoration of all plant life.


Back before the Core of Light was destroyed, Eon trained several replacement Portal Masters in the event that he should be destroyed. Out of the multitudes of candidates, 10 different Portal Masters made the cut:

Back before she whipped sense into foes as the Portal Master of the Life element, Ivy had her dream job: tending to plants in the largest greenhouse in all of Skylands. It may seem like an easy line of work, but it wasn't easy the day the villain Harvest decided to raid the garden for a plant that produces mesmerizing gasses. Using her thorny vinewhips, she quickly repelled the plant monster's goons. Not willing to tolerate any garden in Skylands being invaded like this, she quickly rose to the top and became an Elite Portal Master for the Life element, getting Traptanium Vinewhips and a new garden as a result. She even shielded this garden herself when the Core of Light exploded—although she was blasted from Skylands as a result.

Powers & Upgrades

Basic Upgrades
Garden Bloomer Path
Mesmerizer Path
Soul Gem Ability



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