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The born-to-perform Beorn.
Full Name Ivan
Current Age 23
Date of Birth 6/17/1993
Gender Male
Species Beorn
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Cryokinesis
Element(s) Ice
Ability/ies Cryokinesis, musical skills
Ethnicity Beorn
Height 5"11
Weight 130 pounds
Sexuality Pansexual
First Appearance Wonder Wisp
Latest Appearance  ???

Ivan is a cryokinetic Beorn, who crashlanded somewhere in New Jersey following Zeon's destruction, and is currently residing in New York City. He is one of the secondary protagonists of Wonder Wisp, where Anna and Finian go to him for assistance with stopping a spectral threat in a nearby theater, as Finian has had encounters with the Beorn before.

Physical Description

Considering he is a Beorn, Ivan, as usual, looks the part of the anthropomorphic bear; the colorful body palette (indigo), bipedal, the star-like pupils in the dark eyes, and the perked ears. With that said, Ivan is more similar to Boare or Rynna in which he has a more considerable amount of purple fur on his body. Accessory/clothes-wise, dons a green and grey striped scarf around his neck, and he sometimes wears the black cape he brought back from his home planet.


Ivan, while seemingly intimidated, is a very mellow person, polite to his comrades and even somewhat flirty to someone he knows well. He is very trusting, and very easy to trust. He's particularly good-natured towards humans, even though most humans he meet are relatively harsh around him.


Annalise Crihana

Finian Felicis


Wonder Wisp



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