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  • Dried Shroom - A tiny mushroom that recovers 1 HP.
  • Magic Heart - A small heart that recovers 5 HP.
  • Heart Balloon - A heart that recovers 10 HP.
  • Super Something or other - A large meal that recovers 15 HP and 13 MP.
  • Small Leaf - A small leaf that recovers 2 MP.
  • Magic Star - A tiny star that recovers 5 MP.
  • Star Balloon - A star that recovers 10 MP.
  • 437493493749374 pound speck - A super expensive speck of deliciousness. (It heals 1 HP)
  • Salad - A salad that recovers 8 HP and 6 MP.
  • Red Potion - A potion that heals 25 HP.
  • Green Potion - A potion that heals 25 MP.
  • Blue Potion - A potion that heals 25 HP and 25 MP.
  • Pink Fairy - This little guy will heal 15 HP and even does it after you are defeated.
  • Blue Fairy - This guy will heal 30 HP and even does it after your defeat.
  • Green Fairy - A little guy that will heal 20 HP and 30 MP even after defeat.
  • Yellow Fairy - A guy that will heal 10 HP and 15 MP even after your defeat.
  • Purple Fairy - This small guy heals all your HP and MP, even after your defeat.

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