In Super Smash Bros 5. there are many new and returning items. They are all listed below:

Returning Items

All of the returning items have been announced. All of them act as they did in Smash 4. One difference though is that the red shell has returned from Super Smash Bros Melee.

Returning Items Smash 5

New Items

Name Series Description
Double Cherry Smash 5 Double Cherry Super Mario Creates a duplicate of the fighter which is destroyed after being hit. The duplicate can damage opponents normally.
Coin Smash 5 Coin Super Mario Every time you collect a coin your stats increase slightly. You can get a max of 10 which at that point you are very strong.
Potted Piranha Plant Smash 5 Potted Piranha Plant Super Mario You carry a piranha plant around. When it gets close to an opponent it will bite them sending them flying. After about 10 seconds it disappears.
Banana Juice Smash 5 Banana Juice Donkey Kong When a fighter drinks this juice they will take half the amount of damage they would usually take from attacks for about 10 seconds.
Blast Mask Smash 5 Blast Mask Zelda When a fighter wears this mask they have the ability to create an explosion. The explosion launches opponents but does not effect the user.
Lantern Smash 5 Lantern Zelda The lantern can be swung at opponents to do damage. When thrown it will explode into flames on impact.
Ball and Chain Smash 5 Ball and Chain Zelda This ball and chain can be swung above the users head while the attack button is held. When released the user will fling it outward doing high knockback.
Cracker Cannon Smash 5 Cracker Kirby When picked up the player will hold the cracker an it will automatically fire cannon balls as they move around. After 10 shots the cracker disappears.
Stealth Suit Smash 5 Stealth Suit Starfox Turns the user invisible for a short period of time.
Eggplant Bomb Smash 5 Eggplant Bomb Kid Icarus If this item when thrown comes in contact with a player it will turn them into an eggplant. The player then can not attack for a short period of time but can still move around.
Zap Fish Smash 5 Zapfish Splatoon When held the zapfish creates an electrically shield around the player which lasts for about 10 seconds. This shield damages opponents that come into contact.
Miiverse Stamp Smash 5 Miiverse Stamp Miiverse Gives a player a stamp which can be used in Miiverse posts.

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