This is a list of items found in the game Cartoon Fighters for the Wii U. Do not edit this page.

Picture Name Universe Description
Smash Ball
Smash Ball Super Smash Bros. Any character that manages to grab the Smash Ball before their opponents gets to unleash their secret power onto them. All of the Final Smashes are unique to their respective cartoon characters.
Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros. Players can grab this, which unleashes one of forty cartoon characters who appear on the stage for a short amount of time doing an attack of their own. Also, the cartoon character who intiated the Assist Trophy cannot be damaged by the unleashed character themselves.
Sorcerer's Hat    Mickey and Friends When obtained, the hat appears upon the player's head and a magic wand is whimsically transported into their hand. The character can then shoot beams of light at their opponents with the wand, dealing 6% damage when hit.
Stick of Dynamite Looney Tunes Anyone who grabs the stick of dynamite instantly ignites it and has a short period of time to throw it near an opponent. It deals about 15% damage to enemies.
180px-Krabby Patty 2
Krabby Patty SpongeBob Known as a delicacy in Bikini Bottom, the delicious Krabby Patty subtracts 50% damage from the character who eats it.
Ray Gun Powerpuff Girls Characters who get their hands onto Mojo Jojo's ray gun can blast powerful rays at their oppoonents that deal 9% damage with each shot.
Zap apple jam by zapapplejam-d4m42oe-1
Zap Apple Jam My Little Pony Granny Smith's Zap Apple Jam is so delicious, it subtracts all of the damage from any character who eats it.
Frosted Donut The Simpsons Homer's favorite snack subtracts 25% damage from anyone who eats it.
Squishie The Simpsons Characters can grab the Kwik-E-Mart's signiture Squishie to have a short boost in attack and speed.
Wooden Club The Flintstones Clobber foes with Fred's wooden club! Each direct hit deals 7% damage to an enemy.
Honey Pot Winnie the Pooh Throw this ceramic pot on the ground or at an enemy to lather them with honey, which greatly slows down their speed and reduces their jumps.
Mallet Tom and Jerry This powerful weapon does 25% damage onto foes, so they best avoid the user of the mallet before they get knocked out of the arena!
Baseball Launcher Phineas and Ferb One of Phineas and Ferb's many inventions, the baseball launcher can really pack a punch when it shoots baseballs directly at a foe, causing 8% damage with each ball shot.
258px-S1e9 closeup1
Time Machine Gravity Falls This tape measurer time machine enables the fighter who has obtained it to teleport themselves high into the air, avoiding fighters or sure death for a short period of time.
200px-Billy Gauntlet-1
The Gauntlet of the Hero Adventure Time This powerful weapon shoots extremely powerful blasts which deal 13% damage for each impact.
Soul Ball Regular Show When obtained, the soul ball can be thrown directly at an enemy. Souls will be unleashed from it, damaging the enemy it hit with weak, but quick, attacks. The souls will also slow down the unlucky foe.
Growth Potion The Smurfs Fighters who pick up this flask will instantly grow three times their size. Their attacks will also become stronger, although the characters themselves will become much slower, as well.
Pokeball Pokemon Whenever a fighter picks up a Pokeball, one of twenty randomly selected, Generation One Pokemon appear on-screen to aid the user in battle.
Food Cartoon Fighters Occasionally, food will appear on stage. It will subtract anywhere from 1%-15% damage, depending on the type of food, from anyone who eats it.

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