The Item Master is a living conglomeration of different items who first appeared in YoshiEgg & Bloop: Tools of Destruction as a shopkeeper who sells YoshiEgg Nook and friends items. YoshiEgg is his so-called "hero" and he sees himself as sort of a rival shopkeeper to YoshiEgg as well as his biggest fan. In Tools of Destruction, he develops a friendship with all of the characters and decides to help them in the future.

Item Master's Big Sale

Item Master, along with his newly adopted son, appear in the upcoming DSiWare game as the main characters. In the game, Item Master is put in charge of YoshiEgg Nook's shack and he wants to show his son what a great job he does at what he does for a living, so he decides to put everything on sale. This attracts many customers and Item Master, his son, and other friends have to sell everything to the correct people before YE gets back.


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