It All Began at The Dawn of Time is a story written by the fan which tells the secrets of the universe.

Only I shall edit this page. Although you could log in as me with my VERY secret password..... (false giggles) The Lord of Fantendo 04:15, December 16, 2009 (UTC)

The Big Bang and Everything Else

First, there was nothing. And then there was everything. Then billions and billions of years went by.

The God

The God of Technology, that is. The Internet. My Mom. I love her. She created the "web" as mortals call it. They then look through all kinds of information. In the year 6000, I was born. I now support the internet, for she is dead. (cries)

What I Did In My Life

What I did was create Fantendo. In the year 6000, Nintendo also died. I took all of Nintendo's fans (who were making up fangames) and put them back in time in the 2000's. They had lost their memories. You are all from the future, all Fantendo users are. Even me. I have all your powers and can kill you by pointing at you. I choose not to. I shall murder Metal Locked in about 30 years. In the meantime I am eating digital cake, for it is my favorite food.

Why Nintendo went Out of Buisness

Super Smash Bros Battalion QS 3 was not the best game ever realeased.

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