It's Mario Time is an American animated television series created by Exotoro for Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of a younger Mario and Luigi. It first premiered on Cartoon Network on August 21, 2015, at 7:30 pm E/P as a 90-minute television movie, which led to a series of half-hour episodes. The series adapts and also deviates a bit from it's source material.


The series mostly follows a younger Mario and Luigi, who have landed in the Mushroom Kingdom after an mishap during their plumbing job in Brooklyn. Other characters include Princess Peach who is portrayed a bit differently than other versions of the character and Bowser who the brothers will come across a lot.


Main Cast

  • Mario Mario - A brave if it a bit slow man who likes to go on adventures with his usually unwilling brother. Although he is technically older than Luigi, he acts more childish.
  • Luigi Mario - The more cautious of the two brothers and often the more mature one. Luigi often follows the rules, even they go against logical sense. He can also be incredibly angry from time to time.
  • Peach Toadstool - The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario's romantic interest. Ever since getting kidnapped by Bowser, Peach usually devotes her time to guarding her life and the kingdom's. She is usually very friendly, outgoing and laid-back, although can be incredibly dark from time to time.
  • Bowser - Although initially seen as a fierce foe, his incredibly soft side comes out often. He is also secretly envious of Mario and Luigi's bond which causes him to adopt the Koopalings later in the series.
  • Toad - A cheerful and obedient servant of Peach who is even more of a stickler to the rules than Luigi. He always projects an extremely optimistic demeanor, and is excited and happy to do his menial job.




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