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Issac joins the battle! He is a new fighter and will use 4 elements in his moveset. Earth, fire, wind, and water



B: Flint: Issac will leap forward and slash his sword, causing it to grow.
Side B: Heatwave: Issac launches a fire wave in front of him and will travel a short distence, racking up great damage.
Up B: Whirlwind: Issac makes a whirlwind and can move around freely for 2 seconds.
Down B: Douse: A Raincloud will appear above Issac and it will start pouring down rain, causing damage to someone who touches the rain.
Final Smash: Weapon Unleash: Issac will have 1 of his 4 weapons and keep attacking you constantly. The weapon he uses is dependent on which direction you hold, though the outcome is different.
Left:Earth: Balenced
Right:Fire: Does more damage but has a slower start up, giving the opponents 2 seconds to escape.
Up:Wind: Does less damage but launches farther.
Down:Water: Has a faster start up but doesn't launch as far.

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