The island in a bird's eye view.

Isle Delfino is an island area in the Mushroom Planet shaped like a Dolphin where Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and the Toad Brigade take a vacation to in Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Sunshine 2. The island is inhabited by Piantas, Nokis, and Tanookis, as well as a bunch of unique enemies.


Super Mario Sunshine 2

Isle Delfino returns in Super Mario Sunshine 2, just as important as in Super Mario Sunshine. The island is a tad redesigned with extra areas and most places to explore.

New Super Mario Sunshine

Isle Delfino returns along with new islands like Isle Crabic and Isle Turtino.

Mario Party Z

In this game,Isle Delfino is a board.Its boss is Petey Pirahna Jr.

Mario Party Throwdown

Isle Delfino is a board and is also where the game takes place.

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