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Animal Crossing: Forest Race - Taken from:User:Yowuza
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Island of Dreams is a place where some Nintendo characters who have dreams come and hope for them to become real. You get to play as your Mii. Your hope is to try to become the worlds best Sports Player (Bowling, Baseball, Golf, Tennis or Boxing).


Sable From the Animal Crossing Series - Sable's wish is to be as nice as her sister, Mable
Ray From Custom Robo (64) - He wishes he can be upgraded so people will fight with him again
Donkey Kong Jr. From the DK Series/Mario series - DK Jr. wishes he could become a full-fledged Nintendo character like DK
Dai Goroh From the F-ZERO Series - Dai wishes he could be as good at racing as his dad, Samurai Goroh, is
Roy From the Fire Emblem Series - Roy wishes he would be put into more video games
Pit From the Kid Icarus Series - Pit wishes he knew how to fly, like all the other angels
Escargoon From the Kirby Cartoon Series - Escargoon wishes that he could be King Dedede's guard/helper in a video game
Luigi From the Mario Series - Luigi wishes he could save Daisy atleast once. WITHOUT MARIO.
Poo From the Earthbound Series - Poo wishes he could be the best martial artist ever
R.O.B. From the Nintendo Series - R.O.B. wishes that he can have his own game series called Gyromite
Louie From Pikmin 2 - Louie wishes he could go back to the Pikmin planet and eat bulborbs and pikmin ect.
Max From the Pokemon Anime Series - Max wishes he could be a Pokemon Trainer
Red From Pokemon FirRed and Leafgreen - Red wishes that he could discover new Pokemon, that no one has seen before

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