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Isi Adventure is a new game for 3DS, about a dinosaur called Isi.


Isi, a young Isanosaurus, Trichio, a young Triceratops, Leallyna, a young Leallynasaura and Pachio, a young Pachycephalosaurus they're taking a walk, when they see that some carnivorous dinosaurs attacked the dino-village, their home and kidnapped the parents of Isis, Trico, and Leallyna Pachio. 4 then start to save ...

Playable characters

  • Isi: Strongest, but slowest, of group
  • Trico: Strong, but slow
  • Leallyna: The fastest of group
  • Pachio: Balanced characters


  • World 1, Dino Plains
  • World 2, Dry Dunes
  • World 3, Flooded Rainforest
  • World 4, Ancient Heights
  • World 5, Ice Mountain
  • World 6, Burning Jungle
  • World 7, Bone's Valley
  • World S, Golden Eggs Nest


Battle                                                               Image
30de31c3c3eb6e976206538bb4b83ca3 image 475x341

This Abelisaurid are first boss. He attack with his head, by taking charge. If slam against a wall will be stunned, and ten hit him in the head. 3 headshot for defeat this boss.

Ve, Locky and Raptor


  • 01: Isanosaurus
  • 02: Triceratops
  • 03: Leallynasaura
  • 04: Pachycephalosaurus
  • 05: Compsognathus
  • 06: Velociraptor
  • 07: Dilophosaurus
  • 08: Ceratosaurus
  • 09: Brachiosaurus
  • 10: Icthyosaurus
  • 11: Metriorynchus
  • 12: Carnotaurus
  • 13: Spinosaurus
  • 14: Quetzalcoatlus
  • 15: Cryolophosaurus
  • 16: Giganotosaurus
  • 17: Tyrannosaurus


  • S1: Isi
  • S2: Trico
  • S3: Leallyna
  • S4: Pachio
  • S5: Isi's dad
  • S6: Isi's mother
  • S7: Trico's dad
  • S8: Trico's mother
  • S9: Leallyna's dad
  • S10: Leallyna's mother
  • S11: Pachio's dad
  • S12: Pachio's mother


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