Isaac SSB3M

"Isaac learns from Venus!" (Introduction tagline)

Isaac, the Golden Sun Assist Trophy, has exited out from the Assist Capsule and has become a character! He has got a special feature: he can use his Psyenergy attacks to get Venus Points and then he will release a great Psyenergy attack by pressing his Special Attack button. He is a Weapon Master character and his main element is Earth. Great Psyenergy inflicts 37% of damage.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Move. Isaac will make a great Psyenergy hand which charges his Venus Points and which will inflict 5% of damage. The hand will move the opponents far away.

Side Special: Quick Slash. Isaac will slash into the battlefield inflicting 14% of damage.

Up Special: Upper Move. Isaac will use his Move attack to launch himself into the air inflicting 15% of damage and doing a Meteor Smash.

Down Special: Earthquake. Isaac will make an earthquake for a time which can be changed by pressing the Special bottom. A shockwave inflicts 9% of damage.

Final Smash: Psyenergy Blast. Isaac will blast with his Psyenergy. The move inflicts 52% of damage but with fully charged Venus Points the move will inflict 79% of damage.

Special Ability: Venus Points. By attacking the opponents, Isaac can charge his Venus Meter and then, by pressing the Standard Special Button, he can perform the Great Psyenergy.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode or do 13 Matches.

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