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See the game that he is from Super Smash Bros NXIS



Jab - Isaac delivers two punches follow by a stab

Forward Tilt - Isaac kicks forward

Up Tilt - Isaac stabs upward

Down Tilt - Isaac swipes his foot below him

Dash Attack - Isaac dives with his short sword in front of him

Neutral Air - Isaac spins around with light blades in both hands

Forward Air - Isaac stabs in front of him

Back Air - Isaac stabs behind him

Up Air - Isaac stabs above him

Down Air - Isaac stabs below him

Forward Throw - Isaac uses psyenergy to throw his opponent forward

Back Throw - Isaac uses psyenergy to throw his opponent backward

Up Throw - Isaac uses psyenergy to throw his opponent upward

Down Throw - Isaac throws his opponents down and drops a boulder on them

Side Smash - Isaac swings a colossal sword forward in a stabbing motion

Up Smash - Isaac uses the meggido attack, burning his opponents with plasma

Down Smash - Isaac creates a small earthquake around himself

Neutral Special (Wild Growth) -Isaac encases his opponent with many vines for a few moments

Side Special (Stone Spire) - Issac creates a boulder and throws it at his opponent

Up Special (Lift) - Isaac floats upward for a couple seconds

Down Special (Cure) - Isaac heals 7% but takes 4 seconds to use

Final Smash (Grand Gaia) - Isaac creates many boulders, which rise from the ground

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