Ironworks Pioneers
TV show's logo
Creator(s) .snickedge
Producer(s) .snickedge
Distributor(s) Paramount Pictures
Broadcaster(s) TimeStrike
Genre(s) Action-adventure
First Air Date(s)
November 12th, 2017
Last Air Date(s)
March 25th, 2018
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme Territories
Ending Theme Salvation
Country of Origin United States
Original Language English
Season(s) 3
Episodes 60
Runtime 22 minutes
Status Running
Ironworks Pioneers is an American animated television series created by .snickedge, based upon the old works of the BowieQuest games. The series first premiered on Cartoon Network on the date of November 12th of 2017, airing right before Adult Swim. At the time, the show was only voiced in English and broadcast only in the United States, although eventually the episode became available to other regions of the world.

Due to its darker themes, serious nature, and instances of death, it is recommended that viewers of the show are at least twelve years of age or older to watch.

Ironworks Pioneers is the first and only television show to be produced by TimeStrike.



Ironworks Pioneers revolves around the alive teddy bear acknowledged as Sheriff Bowie, the leader of a group of pioneers whom storm a mechanical land in pursuit of the evil monkey lord, Endal, and attempt to break down his base and restore the land back to its natural state.  Sheriff Bowie is a silent teddy bear who was cursed to never talk, as his mouth was accidentally tied shut during the process of his creation.  He is noted mostly for his straightforward actions and never hesitant movements, always leading the group's actions without thinking twice.  Flare is his wife, and is known to sometimes get steamed with Bowie's actions, and often ridicules him for his decisions.  Nevertheless she loves him and will guard him when she finds it necessary.  Ashe and Windi, Bowie's supposed youngsters, support their parents on their travels and often help out.  Sabeuxo, Bowie's older, talkative brother, is cruel and unusual and will apply this to both his own team and Endal's forces.  X, a war robot built by Endal to destroy Bowie, eventually joins the main cast.

Aside from the heroes, there are a number of villains.  Like the preceding paragraph suggests, Endal is the main antagonist of the series.  He is a psychic monkey who has rebuilt the teddy bears' world into metal, and is using everything as an empire to control the lands in Stitchonia and beyond.  Known for his cruelty and desire to never give up his goals, everyone fears him.  He is supported by two monkeys, known as Ripe and Fudgebuckets, who attempt helping him by leading armies of enhanced primates, and Thomas, a small teddy bear who is much more than he seems, whilst being very dim witted it is said that there is a very secret power held within his body.  However, Ripe has left the villains side to choose her own adventures, and Fudgebuckets dies alongside Endal by the end of season 1.  A wolf, by the name of Fangerine, eventually antagonizes the group after noting Endal's major "advancements to technology".  This wolf becomes the main antagonist of Season 2, assisted by Thomas, who didn't die in "Disaster Trip: Part II".


The setting of Ironworks Pioneers is set in two places.  The more prominent location is the Ironworks, an industrial city littered almost entirely with garbage and waste. It is the home of powerful beings who have invaded the peaceful Stitchonia land, including Endal. The main protagonists have set upon this land to discover it, find out its secrets, and find ways to dispose of it all to restore the land to its proper state.

The other place is the Western Forest, the only place left in Stitchonia not converted to metal. Because of the immense amount of protection given by the teddy bear race, Endal has not managed to successfully take over, but has always tried finding ways. The Western Forest is Bowie and the others' true home, but needs lots of support to be properly taken care of, and the deity teddy bears are trying their best to keep it safe. The Western Forest is full of orange leaf trees, has lots of arid ground, and sports a humid atmosphere, being located quite close to the seas.



Ironworks Pioneers' origins started out with .snickedge's extremely early childhood, when he had a green teddy bear, alongside two that were blue and yellow.  The green teddy bear, eventually named Bowie, was often carried about by .snickedge, and eventually was put into his school backpack often to go on adventures and do dances on his school desk when he was bored of the teacher droning on and on.

Eventually, when .snickedge became homeschooled at the age of ten, he still had the three teddy bears, which he named Bowie (green), Ashe (blue) and Pooky (yellow), although Pooky would eventually go under the name Paul to prevent ties with Garfield's Pooky.  At the time, .snickedge was already interested into making Bowie into an actual game.  A wolf was originally going to be the antagonist, according to him, and there were many supporting roles from other creatures.  However, his grandmother came along and delivered several stuffed animals personally: Samantha (pink), Shelia (indigo), and Bananas (brown)  Each of these were later renamed.

The future of Bowie at that point wasn't very clear, but Endal was refit to become the antagonist, and Flare became Bowie's wife, whilst Shelia became Ashe's sister.


Bowie's first true project was entitled BowieQuest, and was put into early development stages for later publishing on Fantendo.  All the teddy bears got elemental powers slapped onto them, including Bananas.  When the game was first showcased on January 5th, 2014, the creator received heavy criticism for his ideas, and the game was regarded as pretty awful, especially for the character Ashe, whom was too identical to another character by accidental means; Unten.

Sequel upon sequel were made, although none of them were really completed as articles.  As the series progressed, it got more confusing, but the overall quality of the series improved.  Eventually, the series started going for a lot of plot twists, including the introduction of a character named Smaranas (originally Bananas' grandfather), and during a confusion of ideas for the seventh game, the entire series was abandoned.

Eventually, in August of 2014, BowieQuest became known as BowieQuest: Origins, and most of the characters were renamed, barring Bowie, Ashe, and Thomas.  Samantha became Flare, Shelia became Windi, Paul became Sabeuxo, Bananas became Endal, and Jonathan became Oscargen.  Origins became much better than its predecessors, but was eventually deleted to make room for BowieQuest Alpha, an even better revision of the series, but was also deleted due to .snickedge's lack of interest on Fantendo, permanently ending the BowieQuest title.

Character Concepting

When the characters were first being concepted very early back, possibly as far back as 2005, the characters were ripped off of Sonic character personalities, although this quickly changed when BowieQuest uprose as an article for those on Fantendo to read.  The characters all had plain, clothing-less appearances, barring bowties, and there wasn't much to be said in terms of clothing.

When Ironworks Pioneers was being concepted, however, all the characters received drastic redesigns, and whilst they keep their skin colors, the clothing made them look much more different and some of the characters became a bit torn apart, to represent the damage that the mechanically designed Endal did to them as well as the land.  All the designs are either cowboy influenced or genuinely very Western-styled.


The series was later reworked into Ironworks Pioneers, heavily influenced by the ever changing structure of the real time planet Earth and the changes that humanity has brought to it, and how much machines and metals have changed the way we lived.  The teddy bears of the show, especially Bowie, are wanting to take back the land the place was in before; a green, plush paradise.

The series was eventually pitched to the Cartoon Network executives and believe it or not it just worked.



Ironworks Pioneers follows a skeletal outline for each of its episodes, every outline eventually being revolved around with extra details and other dialogue.  Each accepted outline made becomes its own episode, with .snickedge making the stories and directing their overall progress.

Each episode is its own 22 minute segment, and all takes a solid sixteen months to create.  The purpose for the half hour length is to have episodes that can be as fleshed out as possible without being too rushed or too confusing.


About sixty people work simultaneously in producing and animating an episode of Ironworks. Each episode is created in TimeStrike's studios. Each episode is made using digital ink and paint animation. After the animations and voice casting are finished, the episodes are edited to include music and other effects.


Season Episodes First aired Last aired
1 20 11/12/2017 03/25/2018
2 20 12/02/2018 04/14/2019


A made-for-television film for Ironworks Pioneers, entitled Ironwork Pioneers: Beginnings, was released on June 11th, 2017, and was the starting factor of the entire television show.  Beginnings received positive scores from critics and drawn three million viewers, eventually leading further into the series' production.


Ironworks Pioneers' first season received generally positive reviews from critics, praising the animation and plotline, as well as the memorable characters.  Bowie and Sabeuxo were especially praised, as well as "Disaster Trip". However, the season has received some criticism for "just pure convenience" moments in quite a number of its episodes.



  • The show's name was originally going to be BowieQuest, to match up with the days of old, but the title was revamped due to the name being overly generic and due to the fact that the creator, .snickedge, never wants anything to do with the name ever again.
    • Despite this, BowieQuest remains the name used outside western territories.
  • Ironworks Pioneers is based upon a scrapped BowieQuest video game concept; Bowie being a sheriff of sorts.

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