Iron Mario (2013 Movie Character)
Iron Mario Poster
Iron Mario in the movie
Full Name Tony Mario
Current Age 43
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Hero
Family and Relations
Mario Mario (2nd Cousin)

Luigi Mario (2nd Cousin)

Ability/ies No Suit:

Technical Genius

With Suit: Lazer beam Flight

Iron Mario

Metal Man

First Appearance Iron Mario (Video Game)
Latest Appearance Iron Mario (2013 Movie)
Tony Mario (Iron Mario) Is Mario's 2nd cousin and a billionare super hero created as a Marvel Nintendo Crossover.

Physical Apperance


Tony Mario's Movie apperance

Outside of his suit, Tony Mario looks very similar to Mario, except he has a beard to go with his moustache. His hat has a T on it instead of an M, and he usually doesn't wear overalls.

The Iron Mario suit looks even more like Mario, it has red boots with a gold bottom, gold overalls that hold his reactor. It also has red sleves and gold fireproof gloves. The helmet has a golden mask with a dark gold moustache and glowing blue eye sockets. There is also a red mettalic helmet piece that resembles Mario's hat with a gold circle in the middle.


Unlike the undeveloped but heroic personality of Mario, Tony is an irresponsible child-like spoiled billionare. Dispite this, he knows right from wrong and trys hard to be a hero. He is also a mechanical genius, making the Iron Mario suit, and the reactor core for his heart to work. He also has anxiety issues, and (purposely) his personallity is incredibly similar to his Marvel Counterpart, Tony Stark.

Movie and Video Game Apperances

Iron Mario

In the 2013 Movie/Video Game Iron Mario, the origin of Iron Mario appears as Tony Mario, a billionare that ends up kidnapped by a gang of Koopas that want him to make a missile, uses a metal suit to break out of the cave and becomes the hero known as Iron Mario.