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Iris Three is a game that follows Zynte and his companions on a quest to destroy three Lens, each causing destruction in the world.


The gameplay is similar to that of a three-dimensional platformer. Zynte can stretch his arms around poles and other objects, and can leap far but not jump very high. His other companions, which he can switch over to, include Slither and Xeeb. Slither is more combat based, and can jump higher than Zythe and Xeeb, however he can't leap very far. Xeeb can't jump far or very high, but he can extend his height to get over chasms and pits. Xeed is also magic-based.


There are three Lens. The Lens of Fabrication, The Lens of Collapse, and The Lens of Corruption. When only one is activated, it will not cause much harm into the world. When all three are activated, something called the Limbo Moon will happen. When the Limbo Moon is out, chaos will reign the land.

Somebody activated all three lenses, and now asteroids are falling, portals are opening everywhere, and robotic organisms are taking over. Zynte comes across the Lens of Fabrication and manages to shut it down with the help of his only friend, Slither.

Later, Zynte learns about the where-abouts of the other Lenses. The second, located in London is where they head towards. Unable to pay for tickets for air-fare, Zynte tries to fabricate one. Instead, he creates Xeeb.




Image Name Playable? Description
New character Zynte Yes A orphan who must destroy the three lenses.
Slither Slither Yes Zynte's only friend at the start of the game. He likes bones.
Xeeb Xeeb Yes A creation from the Lens of Fabrication.


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