Irid, as she appears in Assemble.
Gender Female
Class Villain
First Appearance Super Smash Bros. Assemble
I remember running to the sea

Remember falling to my knees
I remember gliding off the shore

Until I touched the ocean floor
Lines from "Running To The Sea" by Röyksopp.

Irid is the main antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Assemble's DLC Story Mode: Monuments of Light. She was created to be the opposite of Umbra in just about every way; where as Umbra was focused on darkness, Irid is focused on light.

Irid first appears at the end of "The River Grows Inside Of Me" DLC trailer, where she is constructing a monument of Umbra. In "Monument", Takumaru and Ruto meet her in the desert just outside of the Tower of Babel where she has constructed the monument of Umbra. They briefly fight until Sora appears, allowing her to escape. It is unknown why she built the statue or what she has to do with the Tower of Babel just yet.


Monuments of Light

Irid appears in the DLC Story mode for Super Smash Bros. Assemble entitled Monuments of Light, where she is stated to be the main villain.



  • Where as Umbra was influenced by the music of Gorillaz, Irid is influenced by the music of Röyksopp.
  • Her theme according to the director is "Running To The Sea".
  • Irid is short for Iridescent.