Full Name Io
Current Age  ?
Gender Male
Location Explosion Site
Class Self Proclaimed Royalty
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Pop Guns, Pistols
Vulnerable To  ?
Latest Appearance Fantendo Wasteland

Io is a character created by Bomb Productions Games who was originally planned to be in a game with the same name, but ended up being replaced by YoshiEgg Nook. He is an outlaw that dislikes the law and plays by his own rules. Io is also a lone wolf.


Ruling the Explosion Site

In Fantendo Wasteland, he is a borderline psychopath who has been driven almost completely mad by The Wasteland's terrors. The fact that he is crazy is evident in his choice of weapons (pop guns), but they transform into real guns when he removes the corks. He proclaims himself the ruler of the Explosion Site, and terrorizes it's inhabitants. When the Users are sucked into The Wasteland, he captures YoshiEgg , and holds him hostage, blaming him for his imprisonment in the Wasteland (You should see the irony there). YoshiEgg then becomes playable after escaping Io's clutches and defeating him.

Adoption of Cheryl

After YoshiEgg was removed from the timeline, Io assumed that his defeat was merely a bad hangover. He then found a young girl named Cheryl and decided to take her in. Although things were fine for about a year, Io began to abuse Cheryl in rather nasty ways. Cheryl eventually ran away and Io never saw her for years. During this time, a man named Iron Mask began to appear and quickly became Sheriff of West Town. Although Iron Mask seemed to have a grudge against Io, Io never realized he was Cheryl until the Shattering.

During the Shattering


Io is a white figure (With no confirmed species) with no clothes, nose, fingers, toes, or pigmentation. He dons a cowboy hat that symbolizes his hatred for the law and his lone wolf attitude.