Yoshis Story Inviso
Inviso is a ghostly creature who has the ability to turn invisible at will. He first appeared in Yoshi's Story as the boss of the Tall Tower. Inviso is also known for being the inventor of the word "peek-a-bee", which so far no one else has used.

Pokey's Island

Inviso reappears in the game Pokey's Island as the boss of World 8-4: Big Boo Banquet. He now has the ability to possess items such as silverware and plates to attack the player, much like a poltergeist. Inviso has an attack where he sends a wall of spoons, forks, and knives that move forward one-by-one: by climbing this wall like a staircase, Pokey can jump on Inviso's head to defeat him.

In this game, Inviso makes several bad puns during the cutscenes. These make Pokey visibly perturbed.

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