The Inverticon (or InvertM Console) is a Video Game console by InvertM Inc. It is Basically a short version of an

The Inverticon and Invertcontrol

XBox, but in reverse colors.

The Inverticon has a slot compatible for your Wii, GameCube, and Inverticon games. It also has a USB in the side to hook you camera/phone up, and a slot for your SD Cards. It has a large round purple button to turn it on. In the back, there is multible spots where you plug it in.

The Remote is very simple. It has a round purple button used as a main button, a control pad, and X,Y,B & A buttons simular to those on a DS. It is used like a Wii Remote. Batteries slide into the back, and there is a USB to plug stuff in. A Keyboard also slides out.

The Main Menu

The Main Menu of the Inverticon is simular to the Wii's, but it is Inverted. There are circle shaped channels, which some are The Game Channel (Play your Games), The Netflix Channel, The ReversePeople (RPe) channel (Like Miis), FanGame Central (People post their FanFic Games and you can go on the internet) and The Boards (A Forum Channel). You can select Option to change your settings or you can see your ReverseMail.


There are currently no games for the Inverticon.


A ReversePerson is a character you create to look like you. You can change the hair, facial features, shirt, pants, and accesories. A Mario Referance is The Overalls and A Hat you can put a letter on. ReversePeople like in RPe City, where there are buildings in a Mii Plaza-like room.

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