Into a Key World
Developer(s) Big Brain Studio
Publisher(s) Big Brain Studio
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Main mode, Make mode
Genre(s) Music Platformer
Media Included Wii U eShop

Into a Key World is the first game for the Key series. It's a really short game for the Wii U eShop. You've got 2 worlds with Music Levels, and you can create your own levels. The game is from Big Brain Studio.

Main Mode WorldsEdit

World 1: Music Store

World 2: Concert

World 3: My music room

World 4: Drummer room

World 5: Trumpet room

World 6: HarmoKnight world

World 7: Rhythm Thief world

World 8: Famous Music-world

World 9: Special World

Worlds and levels in Into a Key World
World Level
Music Store 1-1: We Will Rock You, 1-2: Never Gonna Give You Up, 1-3: New Super Mario Bros. U theme, 1-4: ?, 1-5: ?
Concert 2-1: Beethoven, 2-2: Bach, 2-3: ?, 2-4: ?, 2-5: ?
My music room 3-1: Stay, 3-2: Super Mario Galaxy 2 theme, 3-3: Hey, Soul Sister, 3-4: Mario Paint tune, 3-5: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Drummer room ?
Trumpet room ?
HarmoKnight world ?
Rhythm Thief world ?
Famous Music-world ?
Special World ?

Music numbers in Main ModeEdit

  • Survivor - Eye of The Tiger
  • Queen - We Will Rock You
  • Train - Hey, Soul Sister
  • Rihanna - Stay