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Made In Japan We Be Pimpin'

(Dark is seen cheerfully walking over to The Jam one summer morning when he notices some of his friends (Brandon, Sam, Lumogo, Hayley, and Sketch) waiting outside for him.)

Dark: Hey guys! What's wrong?

Lumogo: The Jam is closed for maintenance, I think...

Brandon: Sucks, right?

Sam: Don't be so negative, guys! The Jam might be what brought us together, but that doesn't mean we can't have adventures outside of it!

Dark: I like the way you think, Sam! Let's go on an adventure to the deep and mystical lands of....of....

Brandon: You just now remembered what city you're living in, right?

Dark: Don't worry, we can just go to that shady forest over there!

Hayley: That doesn't seem like a good idea...

Sketch: Can I just stay here and draw?

Brandon: No. 

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