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A stupid interview based off the ones at the website Lemmy's Land.


Lemmy:Hello,Today on Dragons interview Video Game Charters,We have a very speical one today!Today is Toothless The Night Fury interviewing my brother Iggy Koopa!!!!


Toothless:Hey all.It's the broken tailed Night Fury who's interviewing today.

Iggy:And I'm being interviewed!


Iggy:As long if it wasn't like Fireworm's,ok!

  • Lemmy remburs Fireworm's interview*
​​Fireworm:Wait,what's that?FISH!!!!!
*Fireworm starts burning down building on a rampage for fish*
  • Flashback ends*

Toothless:I promiss not to burn down the building.

Iggy:Ok,let's start!

Toothless:First,Why in most games are you always the boss of world 4 or 5?

Iggy:Probaly cause I'm the middle aged kid of us,and 4 and 5 are middle levels.

Toothless:Next,How do you like your new texture?

Iggy:It's sweet!Nobody mistakes me for lemmy anymore!

Toothless:Ok.Moving on.Why do you wear glasses?

Iggy:I have bad eyesight.

Toothless:What's your age?

Iggy:15,almost 16.

Toothless:Who is your fav siblings?


Lemmy:YEA!!!!!GO IGGY!!!!


Toothless:Next.How to you fell about being the tallist Koopalings?

Iggy:I like it.Now Roy can't punch me in the face anymore.

Toothless:I always thought your and Morton were big for your age.

Iggy:I know,Toothless.

Toothless:Final one,What was your fav game to be in?

Iggy:New super mario bros.Wii!I got to ride chim-chim around!

Toothless:Now time for crowd-?s.Seat 46!

Meta Knight:Are you the most beloved koopalings?

Iggy:Lemmy is.I'm probaly the second.

Toothless:Seat 5!

Spike:How did you-

Spiny:Get the scar on your face!


Toothless:Are you twins?

Spiny:No,I'm a spiny.He's a spike.

Iggy:Please stop Toothless.Anyways,A dragon shacred it.

Toothless:Seat 101!

Fox:Why did you go into OUR game?

Iggy:Cause Super smash bros.brawl is epic!

Wolvez:Wow,This is a great interviww!I will not regreet paying 50$ for this seat!

Toothless:Final question!Seat 35!

Roy:How do you like me beating you up?

Iggy:You HAD to ask that?Anyways,I H.A.T.E it!Please show me and Larry and little respect!

Toothless:What a stupid ending....

Lemmy:Anyways guys,Thanks for coming!I promissed you Wolvez,didn't I?

Wolvez:Yes ya did,Lemmy!

Lemmy:Anyways,See you next time on-

Iggy,Toothless:The dragons interview video game charters show!

Lemmy:Thank you for interrupting.

Iggy:Your welcome!


Lemmy:Anyways,See you all at the next interview!

15 mins after the show...

Goomba:Am I late?

Meta Knight:I'm the last one out.You came 15 mins late!

Goomba:My clock broken!What happened?

Meta Knight:Email?


Meta Knight:Before the show,Me,Fox and Kirby set up a secert video carmem.

Goomba:Ok!I'll get a new clock to see the next show!My email is!

Meta Knight:Ok!

Goomba:Thank You Sir!Off to my car!

Meta Knight:I think I'm a good lier!

Fox,Kirby:Good work!

Meta Knight:Yeah.At least I got a fish!


Fireworm burned down whole building again and stole Meta Knight's fish.


Fireworm:I hate my tempur sometimes!


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