Interstellar Invaders is a remake of the classic arcade game Space Invaders by Scorpion Studios. The game adds more storyline elements to the game, as well as graphics. The game is now a first person shooter with third person shooter elements.

The advertising poster.


  • Neuton - An inhabitant of Earth, Neuton is affected deeply when the aliens attack his hometown of Scitropolis. He fights with a automatic laser gun.
  • Teminaa - An alien princess, Teminaa runs away when her father chooses to invade Earth. She fights with a shotgun that fires acidic goo.
  • Captain Steele - A CO in the military, Steele wants to shoot every green-skinned soldier he sees. Luckily, Teminaa is blue. Steele fights with a M-16.
  • Bekka - Originally a simple valley girl, Bekka moved to the big city for a business opportunity. That's when the aliens attack. She fights with a laser pistol.
  • V-47(Vee) - A robot engineered by the aliens, Vee was taken by Teminaa to Earth. She fights with a cannon built in her arm.
  • The Invader - A nomad of the universe, The Invader came to Earth to witness the battle. He fights with a strange, indescribable weapon.
  • Emperor Xorrtax - The father of Teminaa and ruler of the alien armies, Xorrtax wishes to rule the universe, and starts with Earth.

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