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Internet All-Stars Destruction is an upcoming 2014 fighting game to be released by GalaxySoft Inc. It will be released for Xbox One and Steam on December 1st, 2014 in the United States. The game features characters from all over the web, including memes and YouTubers.


The game plays very similar to the Super Smash Bros. games with a few new elements mixed in. For example, each character has two ability characters to assist them in battle (eg. Anthony has Teleporting Fat Guy and Pip/Buki as his ability characters). In the mode "Internet Domination", players will go against villains from multiple series, completing challenges along the way. New characters can be unlocked through this mode by defeating them on their home turf. 


Each character is sorted into their own series, and they all have a specific home turf. There are a total of 5 series combined in the game.


Default YouTube Characters

Image Name Bio Home Stage Ability #1 Ability #2 Finisher
Anthony Padilla The technical "creator" of Smosh, Anthony brings plenty of stuff to the table.  His attacks usually involve gaming controllers.

Smosh Living Room



Teleporting Fat Guy appears and brings some historic things to help Anthony fight.

Cats Unleashed

Pip and Buki arrive and flood the screen with cats.

Food Battle

Anthony summons Mexican food that attack surrounding players.

Nostalgia Critic PNG
Nostalgia Critic "Hello I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to!" This guy attacks using his gun and rants.

Nostalgia Haven

Nostalgia Critic

Nostalgic Duo

The Nostalgia Chick appears and the two both rant about several films.

Mother Brain

Mother Brain (from Captain N) appears and smack-talks all the opponents.

Lock and Load

The Critic grabs a minigun (from hammerspace) and shoots it at enemies.

Angry Video Game Nerd James Rolfe has been maddened by...gaming? His standard attacks involve his Super Scope and other game accessories.

Pixel Land

Angry Video Game Nerd

SMB3 Devil 

A cartridge of Super Mario Bros. 3 appears and the Devil comes out, puking on opponents whilst.

Flagpole Leaping 

Mike Matei places down a flagpole and creates a forcefield around it. The only way to get in is to leap over it, nearly impossible for other characters.

Glitch Gremlin 

The Glitch Gremlin appears and randomly changes up stats of the fighters, but overpowering the Nerd.

Annoying Orange The kitchen's most annoying citrus can fight! Orange uses kitchen utensils and seeds to battle.

The Kitchen

Annoying Orange


Pear summons his Bookworm to damage opponents by wrapping around them.


Spike the Durian acts as a standing obstacle, damaging any opponents who try to touch him.


The infamous knife arrives to slice opponents, slamming them into the ground afterwards.

Gaijin Goomba

He and his wife, Aki, help settle cultural disputes-from their YouTube channel. Gaijin attacks with his sword, the Pixel Cutter.

Game Shrine Entrance

Game Exchange

Gecko Slash

Gecko Ninja arrives and helps Gaijin by slashing opponents with his sword.

Bombs Away! 

Hutch creates clones of himself for Gaijin to throw at opponents. 

Cultural Shock

Gaijin summons things that he has studied over the years. 

PewDiePie S'up bros, this is PewDiPieh! I attack using stuff I found in a haunted mansion.

Bro-Final Destination


Chair Mode

Mr. Chair turns PewDie into a chair for a short period of time. He takes no damage during this.

Golden Statue Slap

Stephano appears and slaps all opponents silly before disappearing.

Bro Army?


AnimatedJames Also known as James Barkley, James is a fighting fellow who uses cartoon objects to fight. However, he doesn't attack so well...

Hartlane High School

C Students

That's Kevin!

Kevin (from C Students) arrives and makes horrid jokes, damaging the opponents' ear drums.

Redesign Alignment

Sonic arrives and spin dashes on all enemies in his Sonic Boom form.

Anvil Rain

A ton of anvils rain down from the sky, doing damage to any enemy they hit.

SkyDoesMinecraft Sky is addicted to gold-called budder by him. He arms himself with anything golden, from ingots to swords.

Budder Kingdom


Decoy Holograms

Deadlox appears with a hologram maker and creates decoys of Sky.

Fluffy Flop

ASFJerome brings a diving board and flops onto opponents.

Squids and Budder

Budder blocks and Squids rain down, but the squids do more damage than Budder blocks.

Unlockable YouTube Characters

Image Name Bio Home Stage Ability #1 Ability #2 Finisher
Ian Hecox The second creator of Smosh joins the fight! Ian attacks mostly with his things and stuff he found in the garage.



Barbershop Pole's Song

A random barbershop pole appears and sings a song that puts enemies to sleep.

App Store

Ian purchases an app that creates a deadly worm for him to ride on.

Cartoon Rally

Ian summons characters from Shut Up! 'Cartoons to fight for him while he lies on the couch.

Nostalgia Chick The female version of the Nostalgia Critic; she has different moves, though.

Truffula Stream

Nostalgia Critic/Lorax

Nostalgia Assistant Propeller of Doom Big Guns
Maria A student at 16-Bit High is also the daughter of Mario. She uses most of Mario's powerups as weaponry.

16-Bit High


Using Mega Kid

Mega Kid appears and uses one of his weapons to fire at foes.

Girl Powuh Quartet Blast
Guitar Guy A skeleton of the AVGN's guitarist.

The Basement

Angry Video Game Nerd

Poop Man


R.O.B. arrives and plays a game of Gyromite onto his opponents.

Hard Rock
brentalfloss This internet musician is a great fighter. He uses his music to fight.



Cane Bouncer

Uncle Richduck appears and gives brentalfloss a lift on his cane.

Bathroom Roomie

Travis appears and throws toliet paper at opponents.

Dr. Brent

A bottle of pills appears and brent throws pills from it at opponents. Before it finishes, he launches a giant pill at opponents.

Egoraptor (Arin Hanson)

YouTube HQ


Grump Time!

The Game Grumps toss Arin up and onto a POW Block, causing all enemies on-screen to fall off.

Ice Hair

Kirby gives Arin his ice power, letting Arin freeze enemies.

Star Bomb

Arin (dressed as Luigi) uses a slingshot to fire Star Bombs at the opponents while hanging from a helicopter.


The Internet


Rekindling Sky

Memebase (I Haz Cheezburger)

Default Memebase Characters

Image Name Bio Home Stage Ability #1 Ability #2 Finisher
Nyan Cat This adorable little cat thingy flies around in space looking for space-food. It attacks using really cute death rainbows.

Infinite Space

Nyan Cat

Donut Pusheen

Donut Pusheen rolls around while Nyan Cat keeps moving.

Grumpy Downpour

Grumpy Cat grabs an umbrella and causes rain to fall.

Super Nyan

Using the Mystical Pop Tart, Nyan Cat turns into the powerful Super Nyan.

Emotion Guy Emotion Guy is unexplainable. He's an odd attacker, and changes faces depending on what attack he's using.

Unknown Whiteness


Boardroom Fail

The manager from Boardroom Suggestions arrives and punches enemies in the face.

My Body 

Reggie Fils-Aime buffs up the Emotion Guy after saying "Your body is ready".


The Emotion Guy uses his rage face to produce a giant laser.


Totally Original Location

Sanic the Hadgehag

Sonichu Shock

Sonichu shocks all opponents with his Sonichu Thunder.

Sanic the Hadgehag

Sanic appears and homes in on enemies using his super awesome attack.

Totally Original Finisher

Original produces a huge boulder that fires lasers out of its front.

NO PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE OF THIS CREATURE WILL EVER REMAIN..... Slender Man A being said to kidnap people; looks to be real tall.


Slender Man

That's Trendy!

Trender Man pulls in a clothing rack and dresses up the opponents- in bombs.

YouTube Poo

A giant pipe appears, dumping out millions of brown YouTube logos.

Forest Trap

Slender traps his opponents in a forest, and then he kills them.

Simon's Cat This cat is a simple minded one, but always gets into crazy adventures.

Drawn-Out Worlds


Door Slam asdfattack Kittens Away
Patrick Star
Patrick Star He lives in a rock under the sea, but is oftenly used in memes. Patrick can call on his neighbors to fight.

Under a Rock


Laugh Pandemic Clarinet Performer AAAAAAAAAH!!!
CDI Link

Just a Castle

Phillips CDI

Sqalla! The King's Job Yay, I Won!
CDI Mario

Hotels o' Doom

Phillips CDI

Lotsa Spagetthi Hotel Elevation No!

Unlockable Memebase Characters

Fan Creations

Default Fan Creation Characters

Image Name Bio Home Stage Ability #1 Ability #2 Finisher
Unten The major mascot of Fantendo arrives to fight! Unten attacks using plenty of diverse and strange pieces of machinery.

Waddlewings Autumnwoods


Mewshi Eggs

Mewshi launches eggs at opponents.

Vanishing Racoon

TaBooki flies onto the stage and makes Unten invisible to other players.

Super Unten

The Nether


Creepers Blow  Blaze Blasts

Dual Bosses

Captain Crawfish

Skullduggery Island


Mustachio Spice Spider's Bite Ships Ahoy!

Unlockable Fan Creation Characters

Internet Cartoons/Comics

Default Internet Comic/Cartoon Characters

Image Name Bio Home Stage Ability #1 Ability #2 Finisher
Roy Greenhilt This hardcore Dungeons and Dragons player has joined the fight. He fights using his sword and other items.

The Northern Lands

The Order of the Stick

Bardly Enough

Elan plays a song that makes opponents confused.

Darn Skill Points!

Belkar appears and shrinks opponents' attacks.

Level Cap
Taco Man This delicious piece of food has become a living thing? Taco Man attacks using his meat and ingredients.

Palace of Power

Taco Man

Virtually Red

Everything Goes Wrong

Bubsy arrives and causes opponents to take fall damage.

Game Collection

Taco Man's game collection drops in from the sky and rains on opponents.

Princess Samus Aran (?) Once a bounty hunter, Samus was turned into a damsel by Kamek. As revenge, she uses him as an attack.

Lava Cage

Systems of Entertainment

Koopa Guard

Magician's Work

Kamek appears and turns all the opponents into weaker versions of themselves/princes and princesses.

Power Suit Malfunctions

Fan Favorite Characters

Default Fan Favorite Characters

Unlockable Fan Favorites

Internet Tour

Internet Tour is the Story Mode of this game. In it, heroes must fight against their arch enemies and others in order to survive. Each level is classified as an area in it's own right. Something is up, and the heroes aren't going to be able to stop it.

Level 1: Tourney Domain

It's the first fight of the year! Nostalgia Critic versus the Angry Video Game Nerd (Duel: Nostalgia Critic vs. Angry Video Game Nerd). After their battle, the two hear a loud crash and go to investigate (Exploration: Angry Video Game Nerd and Nostalgia Critic) when they find Tac Nyan, who has burst into the domain. He pulls out a Pause Laser and fires at the Angry Video Game Nerd, turning the Nerd into a statue. Nyan Cat arrives and gets ready to fight her nemesis (BOSS: Tac Nyan vs. Nyan Cat and the Nostalgia Critic).

Nyan Cat (and the Critic) defeat the waffle kitten and move on. Meanwhile, SkyDoesMinecraft is exploring a cave in his world when he comes across a wall of budder. He immediately proceeds to take it all, only to find the cave blocked from both entrances. Sky lights a torch and sits in the cave for awhile before PewDiePie shows up. They both escape, but not before running into trouble. Back with Nyan Cat and the Critic, they have found the statue of the AVGN. After reactivating the AVGN, the team heads onward. On Fantendo, Unten finds several hackers and they start fighting (Horde Attack: Unten vs. h@CkErz).

Level 2: Skylight Mystery

After the close call with a villain, the team heads forth, only to find themselves in a city. Unten looks into the sky and sees some flashing lights flying away. The team follows the lights as PewDiePie and Sky fight off some mobs. (Horde Attack: SkyDoesMinecraft and PewDiePie vs. 50 enemies).

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