This is a list of all items in the game International Smash World. To find out more about the characters that come out of the items. It sutch as.

Image Name Description Series
Bob-omb (MKWii)
Bob-Omb Throw the bomb and explode!! Super Mario
Hammer Damages players very badly International Smash World
Pokeball Releases a random Pokemon that will either assist or harm the player. Pokemon
TBA Landmine TBA International Smash World
Pistol Shoot and damage the characters International Smash World/Real-Life
Shotgun TBA International Smash World/Real-Life
Flamethrower TBA International Smash World/Real Life
Laser Blaster 2.0
Laser Blaster 2.0 TBA International Smash World
Doritos TBA Real-Life
Coca-Cola TBA Real-Life

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