Insurgence symbol

"Truth", the Insurgence's symbol

Insurgence is a group of insurgents led by James "Blacklight" Wylde. They are the main protagonists of the Blacklight series.

The Insurgence symbolise themselves with a symbol they dubbed "Truth". The symbol of Truth is a combination of various aspects: a sunrise to represent freedom, the sun is an eye to represent how they can see the truth, and the five rays of light - which are arranged to resemble fingers - represent the five members of a team, that act together.

The Insurgence group spans across multiple teams of five people. The groups are divided into a different section of the city, and are named after different letters of the Greek alphabet, in order of it's founding.


Alpha Squadron

James "Blacklight" Wylde
Blacklight Wylde
Blacklight is the leader of the Insurgence, and it's founding member. He is the oldest member of the team, and uses his advanced knowledge of future tech to come up with new offensive strategies.
Troy "Rust" Browns
Rust Browns
The youngest member of the Insurgence at 14, Rust is the mechanical genius who knows a lot about technology - both present and future. He was once a member of Schatten's team of scientists.
Jason "Paperboy" Owens
Paperboy Owens
One of the older members of the team, his family was captured by Spitron Mechs, and he had to watch as his father was beaten to death in front of his eyes. He lived in the city's ghettos for a while before joining Blacklight.
Rachel "Tumult" Turner
Tumult Turner
The second oldest member of the Insurgence, Rachel is a strong willed individual who is very vocal about her somewhat non-existent feelings. While she had to do bad deeds to live after Schatten took over, she doesn't live in the past and looks only to the future.
Isabelle "Piece" Goodway
Piece Goodway
Only slightly older than Rust, Piece is the team's most playful member who acts much younger than she is. Some of the members of the team believe she may suffer from physical illness, or may be slightly insane.