This is a list of objects used in Inspiration.


Material Name Description Rarity
Base Parts The most common parts in the game, they are typically used to build all machines. Common
Connecting Parts Connects other clumps of metal together, typically used for multi-limb machines. Common
Cover Parts Steel strips that provide enhanced defenses if used when creating your invention. Common
Dense Parts Soft pieces that appear to absorb dangerous chemicals and magical properties, useful for ranged robots. Common
Mystifying Parts Crystal looking material, very useful for mage based robots. Common
Defending Parts Hard metallic plates that will be used for machines relying on defense. Common
Brace Parts Basically just bolts. Used just to make sure the robot you create won't be destroyed so easily. Common
Torsion Parts More small metal pieces, these are good for melee and ranged robots. Common
Shaft Parts Useful for ranged robots, they can use them to create their own bolts/arrows to fire against opponents.
Strong Parts Bulky metal pieces that are typically used to create melee based robots. Uncommon
Elemental Parts Mysterious, glowing pieces that are used to create magic based robots. Uncommon
Sight Parts Transparent like glass pieces that are used to create ranged based robots. Uncommon

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