Inside Out: Out The Videogame is a platform, adventure video game for the Game Boy Advance, it was based on Pixar's film Inside Out that will release in late 2003.


Riley's Emotions

Imaginary Friends

Supporting Characters



1 year befor events of Inside Out, Riley's emotions were accidentally sent to Long Term Memory. Joy later decided to help the other emotions to the headquarters before Riley passes out. It's up to the 5 emotions return to the headquarters.


Single Player

  • Story Mode
  • Minigames
  • Free Play

Multi Player

  • Story Mode Co-Op
  • Mini Games Co-Op
  • Emotion Party


  • Depsite being released in 2001 as a GBA game, It was released due to Disney having the ablity to make games for older consoles.
  • This game takes place 1 year before the movie.
  • Bing Bong was originally the star of the game.


Cover arts


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