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Inora is a development/animation "team" started by and consisting of Sr.Wario. It's a successor to Wario Inc. but the games are generally considered to be of a much higher level of quality, in addition to being a freelance company that publishes games on nearly all popular modern consoles. As of late, they've worked on many titles for the V2 console.

Inora was created in 2015, and proved themselves with their debut game, which won a Featured Article and Sysop Approved template. Now, Inora works with a mix of original properties, Fantendoverse (which the founder writes for), and licensed titles. The company also runs Fantendo - Drive and Fantendo Icons. A link to the company's Lapis branch can be found here.



@ signifies that the article is Featured.

$ signifies that the article is Sysop Approved

X signifies that the article is Lapis exclusive.

Y signifies a colab.


In Progress

On Hiatus

Planned Titles

  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Lethal
  • Paper Mario: International Adventure
  • Rachel - First Strike
  • Crow Versus
  • Zeon: Aftermath
  • Wario: Style over Substance


Comic Books

Production Schedule

  • Toroko: Pure Speed (Finish in March)
  • GHOST SMILE III (Finish in March)
  • Strafe & Leah: Lethal Forces (Finish in March)
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Lethal (Finish in July)



  • TorokoLogoOrangeRedSlash
  • LaughBallInteractiveNewLogo
  • TimeStrike Logo

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