Inora is an entertainment company that develops video games, comic books, and animated series. Owned by Sr.Wario, it's a successor to Wario Inc. that has branched out into various forms of media. Created in 2015, the company started as a development studio working on original properties. Since then, they've refocused their attention towards the New Fantendoverse, which their owner is a core writer for. Despite this, they still develop other projects based on unrelated IPs.

The company primarily works with the the V² and runs Fantendo - Drive. Reception for the company's projects has generally been positive.



@ signifies that the article is Featured.

$ signifies that the article is Sysop Approved

X signifies that the article is Lapis exclusive.

Y signifies a colab.

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  • TorokoLogoOrangeRedSlash
  • LaughBallInteractiveNewLogo
  • TimeStrike Logo

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