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Date of Birth 2/20/2003
Gender Male
Species Hybrid (Fish Dog, Pyro Dragon)
Align Neutral Good
Current Status Alive
Class Dragon
Element(s) Pyro, Mythic
Ability/ies Flying, Digging, Swimming, breathing fire, making meteors fall
Vulnerable To Earth-themed attacks, draconic attacks
Height 5 feet tall, 18 feet long
Weight ~2,000 pounds
Series Sekaiju Legends
Family and Relations
Merlin (senior)

Mora (senior)

Inonedn is the main character of Sekaiju Legends. He is an hybrid between a Pyro Dragon and a Fish Dog. He always tries to do the right things, and wants to be a pacifist, but in nearly all cases, he uses violence instead of other more peaceful ways. He tries peaceful ways but they often fail.



Inonedn’s appearance as a baby is somewhat lizard-like. He has a red body, a pale yellow belly, and blue eyes with white sclera. His head is more dragon-like then the rest of his body and his teeth are not developed yet, although his claws are already. He has a tail similar to a fish or a dolphin’s which allows him to swim more easily.


Inonedn now looks much more mature, and it would be easy to confuse him for an adult dragon. He now has large wings and sharp teeth. His sclera is now blue and his iris is cyan. He has a spiky yellow mane and a small yellow beard. He has one claw on the back of his legs as well. His head is thinner than before but still dragon-like. He is 18 feet long.

It is currently unknown what Inonedn’s appearance as an adult with be, but it is implied it is far bigger and scarier then his current form.


As said earlier, Inonedn always wants to do the right things, and is usually a pacifist, although he has a tendency to get violent when things go wrong. He is naive in some more confusing situations, and is very protective over his friends and the Fishdog family that adopted him. From time to time, though, he gets a bit irresponsible. (His irresponsibility was seen in episode 6 as Inonedn was preparing to leave but Ricardo ate the two puppies when he wasn't looking.)

He is known for being a christian; this sometimes confuses other creatures since Christianism is a much smaller religion in the Sekaiju Universe then in real life.


Inonedn is a very capable fighter. He is an agile swimmer thanks to his tail fin, which was cloned successfully. He has good resistances to water-based attacks thanks to his fishdog traits. He can roar extremely loudly but this usually causes him to exhaust himself. He is a very skilled digger, since he was trained by Fishdogs to do so. This allows him to escape areas with weak materials for the ground like dirt, sand, etc. He has high vitality, allowing him to go on fighting for long periods of time. He can also cause meteors to fall from the sky, similar to Draco Meteor in the Pokémon series. He is able to breathe fire and can also create fire circles around him or even set himself on fire to create a powerful attack. He can easily hunt for creatures, although he does this in order to find invaders and other villains instead of using it to hunt prey. He has a lot of weight allowing him to pin enemies to the ground so they can’t get away. Unfortunately, Inonedn is very large and has trouble dodging attacks, especially when his wings are damaged. His wing skin is quite fragile and can easily get holes in fights. They easily rip off of his wings itself but they heal in a week.


  • Inonedn is the only successful hybrid between two different classes; dragons beign more reptilian and fishdogs being both mammals and fishes (but mostly mammal).
  • He was responsible for killing many humans; he accidentally broke the glass of a container with toxic water in it, inside of a factory, and the toxic water flooded the factory. The main reason why he is a pacifist is in order to make up for this.
  • He had the strangest maturing stages of all creatures; he grew wings after 5 years, he developed facial hair at around 12 and got back claws at around 8.
  • Oddly, while a normal Fishdog’s tail is sideways, his tail fin is like a whales instead. This was probably caused by the mammal genes inside of him mutating in reaction with reptilian genes.

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