Mark and Jeffery closed the book - and it would remain closed for the rest of time.

<< (rewind) one harrowing month...

Mark opened the closet door. "Found you..." he sighed for the thousandth time. Susan glared at him. "My plans never work thanks to you!" she said. Mark turned away. "Look, I can't look after you right now. I have to go to that house... I want to see what's in it."

"Look after me? Stop talking like I'm younger than you! I'm almost the same age! Almost!"

"I have to go to the house! Do you want to come with me?"

"What's so special about this stupid house anyway?"

"Well, they say it's haunted... they say a boy named Jeffery disappeared there 5 months ago."

"Sounds interesting. I'm coming!"

10 minutes later, Mark was riding on his bike up to the house. All the grass outside was dead, and the streets were long abandoned. Susan was trying to run as fast as Mark was riding, but it wasn't working. They soon got to the house. It was burned down, mostly, but some resemblance of a building was present. The entrance was gone, but shortly inside, a metal gate led down to the basement.

"They say the basement spreads all across the city." said Mark. He moved his finger up to the area on top of his nose. "Whuh?" It felt so natural, like he was supposed to be moving something - some habit he did all the time. Something was missing from him, and maybe the house would show him what. He spun the wheel on the gate and descended down, with Susan following behind him.

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